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Port Adelaide Events

A Chronological list of Port Adelaide things that have happened in Port Adelaide from 1836 until today.


1831Port RiverPort River inlet possibly sighted from Mount Lofty by Captain Collet Barker and some of his party.Jan19
1834Port RiverCaptain John Jones claimed to have entered a fine harbour, north of the inlet discovered by Barker.JanUnsubstantiated
1836Port RiverColonel William Light and his crew explored Port Creek. Light decided on the site of Adelaide with the Port creek as it's harbour.Nov21
1836Port AdelaideImmigration, Almost all emigrants arrived by sailing ship for the first 30 years of the colony
1837Port AdelaideOld Port (First Landing Place), Captain Lipson arrives.Jan6Capt Lipson moved From Buffalo to the landing place.
1837Port AdelaideEnoch Pegler murderd by Spear, William & George accussed but escaped custody.Mar8
1837Port AdelaideColonel Light's landing place was officially proclaimed 'Port Adelaide' by Governor the end of Old Port Road
1837Lefevre PeninsulaFirst named after Sir J. G. Shaw Lefevre.Jun3Gov. Hindmarsh
1837Port AdelaideTender let to JB Hack to cut canal at first Landing PlaceJul29
1837Port AdelaideCapt. John Hart, returned to South Australia in Isabella, partnership with Hack, into everything
1838Port AdelaideCanal 840ft x 20ft at first landing place, completed by contractor J. B. Hack.Feb
1838AlbertonSection 423 (134 acres) selected by the South Australian Company; Named Albert TownMay12Subdivided 1939
1838QueenstownSection 443 (134 acres) selected on behalf of Richard Blundell. Later named QueenstownMay12Subdivided 1940
1838QueenstownSection 443 (134 acres: 54ha) selected on behalf of Richard Blundell of Hooton, Chester, England.May12
1838Port AdelaideDaily "Spring van" service, Adelaide to thePort beganMay21
1838Port AdelaideCourt Held twice a weekMay
1838Port AdelaideFirst Port Adelaide River Regatta held on 2nd anniversary of proclamation of S.A.Sep14
1838Port Adelaide1st vessel registered, HeroOct3Owned by John Barton Hack
1838Old PortCongregational services conducted at he Old Port (Port Misery) by Rev. O.T. Stow
1839AlbertonShipwright's Arms Inn, Commercial (Port) Road.Mar23First licenced in what became Albert Town (Closed 1877)
1839Port AdelaideFirst sod on road to new Port, turned by Governor GawlerMay2590 chains long
1839Port AdelaideSect.2011 selected by the South Australia Company for development as a more convenient harbour.MayRoad begun
1839Port AdelaidePort Hotel (prior to license), 25 North ParadeOctOctober 1838 to May 1951
1839AlbertonShip Inn, Commercial Road(now Port) first licenced in what became Albert Town
1839Port Adelaide1st inland mail service in South Australia established between Adelaide and Port Adelaide.Mounted Police escort
1840Port AdelaideCommercial Hotel Commercial RoadJan14Burnt 1857 , and rebuilt 1906.
1840Port AdelaideHelp Me Through the World, North ParadeMar26To Ship Inn 1842
1840AlbertonSection 423 (134 acres) subdivided by the South Australian Company as township of Albert.Aug15South Australian Register, 15th August noted "one half of the township has already been sold by private application"
1840Port AdelaidePrince Albert HotelOct1To 1842
1840Port AdelaideNew Port officially opened, replacing original landing place. The private McLaren Wharf was on the east and the Governments Queen's Wharf on the west side of a new road that is now Commercial road.Oct14
1840Port AdelaideOpening of the South Australia Company's road from Adelaide to Port Adelaide.Oct
1840Port AdelaideOpening of the South Australia Company's Wharehouse.Oct
1840Port AdelaideBrig Rapid lost on a voyage to ChinaNov26
1840Port AdelaideCourier", First locally registered steamship South AustraliaFelix & Van Dieman's Land Steam Navigation Co
1840AlbertonFrom papers relative to South Australia, London 1843, page 79 "In Albert Town there are at present 61 houses containing 235 inhabitants; but the town is rapidly increasing in size. The supply of water is obtained from the Half-way House on the Adelaide road. The Inhabitants of Albert Town are principally employed at the New Port"
1840Port AdelaideNorth Parade Bridge, Joined McLaren Parade, to Port Adelaide.Demolished 1851
1840Port AdelaideCutoms Offices built on the Government Reserve, in New Port
1840Port AdelaideSmelters, silver lead discovered Glen Osmond.
1840Port AdelaideStirling Mill, McLaren Parade later became Futcher & Irvine's Mill
1840BirkenheadFresh water discovered on Section 916 and subsequently used to supply Port Adelaide.
1841Port AdelaideSt Pauls Church opened on the site of the present (third) church. It was the first substantial church building in the Port and the second Anglican church in the colony.FebSt Pauls on Piles
1841Port AdelaideThe Hen and Chickens Hotel, North ParadeMar13To 1846
1841Port AdelaideSteamboat Hotel (to Dec. 29), Reopens Dec. 30 as Jolly TarDec30To 1842
1841AlbertonWesleyan Methodists started meeting in private homes.
1842Old PortShip Inn, End Old Port RdMar23To 1842
1842Old PortCaledonian Hotel, End Old Port RoadMar23To 1842
1842Port AdelaideShip Inn North Parade, Mildred/Nelson StreetsBurnt '69 To 1906
1842AlbertonCongregational Chapel built in King Street, Alberton.Services ceased in 1860s and building subsequently sold as a dwelling
1844AlbertonJ Allen's "The South Australian Almanack and General Directory" for 1844 list of Albert Town residents include Richard Tapley with, 66 acres under crop and running 65 cattle.65 cattle
1846AlbertonFirst burial in Alberton Cemetery, (land officially granted 17 November 1847, cemetery closed to new leases 1874, last burial 1930) Largely cleared in the 1970 and remodelled as a Pioneer Park.Oct28Last burial 1930
1847Port AdelaideBritish Hotel, first licencedMar25On the corner of North Parade and Nelson St
1848AlbertonCoromandel Inn, King Street AlbertonMar16First licenced to John Parsons. Closed circa 1862
1848Port AdelaideGovt. Schooner Yatala, Launched Mrs LipsonJul28Jammed on slip
1848AlbertonYatala Smelting Works, Erected
1848Port AdelaideCoppins erected theatre, White Horse CellarsCr St Vin/Comm.
1848RosewaterGolden Phoenix, Yatala Newcastle StreetTo 1857
1848QueenstownSection 443 (134 acres), Bought for 900 pound ($l800) and laid out as Queen's Town by Edward StephensEdward Stephens
1849Port AdelaideA Private School run by Mr Dallison and sponsored by St Pauls opened.Closed 1926
1849Port AdelaideRailway Hotel, corner of St Vincent street and Commercial road.Renamed Port Admiral in 1851
1849Port AdelaideCongregational Church, St Vincent Street
1849SemaphoreGovernment surveyors surveyed much of Lefevre’s Peninsula (the apostrophe ‘s’ was dispensed with many decades later) including the site of the future Township of Semaphore into 10 acre (approximately 4ha) sections.,
1850Port AdelaideLand Sect 2112 purchased, Covered most of Port AdelaideApr8J. Hart & friends
1850AlbertonAlbert Hotel, Commercial RoadJun20Closed 5/4/1860
1850Port AdelaideFisher Bridge, at the entrance to New DockSep20Demolished June 1935
1850Port AdelaideBritannia Hotel, 130 Lipson StreetOct3Rebuilt 1898
1850Port AdelaideCarpenters Arms, but destroyed by fire in 1865.Dec18Rebuilt and renamed the Globe until 1981 when it became the Golden Port Tavern. The building survives and is being renovated.
1850PortlandPortland Estate subdivided by Port Land Company, adjacent to Tam O'Shanter creek between Old and new Ports
1850MidlungaPier Hotel to 1851
1850Port AdelaideNautical Museum, First nautical museum collection in Mechanics Institute corner Nile Street and Mildred Street
1851Port AdelaideWhite Horse Cellar, corner St Vincent and Quebec Street.Mar3To 10/12/1876
1851Port AdelaidePanama first ship on slip, Fletcher's SlipMar5
1851Port AdelaideCarpenter's Arms, St Vincent/Robe StreetsMar20Burnt 1856
1851Port AdelaideThe first Wesleyan Methodist Chappel was built in Quebec Street where the rear entrance to the Port Mall now is. Rev James Haslam was the first appointed minister in Port Adelaide. It opened on 5th October 1851. Prior to this, services where held in the home of businessman C H Goldsmith in Lipson Street.Oct5
1851Lefevre PeninsulaPost Office opened Number given 1857,DecDec.
1851MidlungaWaterman's Arms To 1851,
1851BirkenheadFirst slip established at Birkenhead by Orkeney Islander H. C. Fletcher.
1851Port AdelaideInstitute opened July 13,
1851Port AdelaidePort Admiral Hotel from Railway Hotel,
1851AlbertonFirst Post Office Port Road,
1851Port AdelaidePrince's Hotel (Var. names), corner of North Parade and Mundy StTo 1906
1851SemaphoreSemaphore Hotel opened at Scarborough on the south corner of Blackler Street and the Esplanade.Burnt down 25 November 1859; rebuilt and traded until c1866
1852Port AdelaideSt Paul's Church, Second buildingFeb
1852Port AdelaideTrinity House of Port Adelaide appointed under Act No 5 of 1951, to oversee Pilotage and Wharves, superintend lights, marks and deepening, employ and licence tugs, supply ballast and sundry other duties.Oct5Lacked funds
1852Port AdelaideHenry Hein, Dennis Wood Hiern, and Henry Holloway drowned after the Cleopatra capsised. Thomas Davies accused of manslaughter but acquitted.Dec9
1852South AustraliaAlexander Tolmer appointed as Commissioner of Police, South Australia.
1853Port AdelaideGeorge Arnold died after being assaulted by Thomas Whitham, Henry Hunt (Fancy Harry), Sarah Kelly, & Ann Lyman accused but found not guilty.Feb19murder
1853LeFevre PeninsulaWatte Watte(Nancy) assualted with a waddy, Kanadla (Peter) found guilty of murder, & sentenced to death, which was commuted to two years imprisonment.Apr4murder
1853Port AdelaideGeorge Smith was assaulted (with the handle of a pitchfork) & later died. James Searle was accused but found not guilty.Jun22murder
1853Lefevre PeninsulaVerge Hotel To 1853
1853Port AdelaideWharf Hotel, 18 Todd St Port Adelaide.on the corner of Todd Street & McLaren Parade. Trading until 1906
1853BirkenheadShipwright's Arms, Site of Jenkin's SlipWas sited near the approaches to the present Birkenhead Bridgr. Closed in 1857
1854Port AdelaideAugusta Bell (Ubrecht) died of Knife wounds. William Bell (husban) accused &found guilty, sentenced to death &executed on 27 December 1854Nov9murder
1854ExeterLefevre Hotel, 152 Semaphore RdChanged to 1879
1854Port AdelaideTam O'Shanter Bridge, Between McLaren/Levi WharvesDemolished 1857
1854Port AdelaideCongregational Church, St Vincent StreetBuilt next to previous building
1854Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Harbor Trust constituted to dredging operations.
1854AlbertonWesleyan Methodist Church.
1854Port AdelaideHarts Mill, Built the Mill Princes Wharf facing Mundy Street
1854SemaphoreLefevre’s Hotel first licensed (Licence transferred to the newly-built Exeter Hotel in 1879).,
1855Lefevre PeninsulaNorth Arm Hotel,Mar22to 25/5/1858
1855Port AdelaideThomas King's School, near Grand Junction RoadJul
1855Port AdelaideFirst railway engines arrive, On board TheodoreNov1From Plymouth
1855Port AdelaideA private telegraph line connection Adelaide and Port Adelaide opened, in the customs house building. Australia's first privately-owned telegraph network.Nov26by James McGregor as a private line serving the public and the business community between Adelaide and Port Adelaide.
1855Port AdelaidePort Adelaide declared a Corporate TownDec27First Council elected in 1856
1855BirkenheadBridgewater sections 700, 701 and 703 were subdivided.3Subdivided By Alfred Watts
1855QueenstownThe British Volunteer Hotel, Queen's town, first licensed, 215 Port RoadBecomes White Swan in 1856 and Prince of Wales in 1857, rebuilt 1937.
1855BirkenheadLefevre Peninsula School (Private), established by John Millard.Became a public school in 1862.
1855Port AdelaideFirst Photographer, Thomas Thompson
1855Port AdelaideHart's flour mill operational, Mundy Street
1855Port AdelaideWharf Dock Hotel (Dock Hotel 1860)Todd Street, rebuilt 1883Delicensed 1906
1855Port AdelaideSailor's Return Hotel Only in 1855
1856Port AdelaideFirst Govt telegraph Adelaide to Port Adelaide. and was then extended to Semaphore on the Le Fevre's Peninsula in early March. Later in the year, Telegraph Offices were also opened at Port Adelaide Railway Station as well as at Bowden and Alberton.Feb18Two construction approaches were used:
-between Adelaide and Port, the line was above ground. Four wires were suspended on posts of Singapore cedar or Swan River mahogany with 32 posts to the mile. These posts were well charred and tarred where they entered the ground.
-from the Railway Station in Adelaide to the Government Offices in King William Street, a six-wire cable is laid under ground in iron pipes. The same was done at the Port and, as well, 700 yards of submarine cable were carried under the creek to the Peninsula and to Semaphore.
1856Port AdelaideWhite Horse Cellars FireApr19
1856Port AdelaideRailway from Adelaide opened. First steam powered railway service in the colony.Apr21stFeb. 1 test run, then there were 6 trains per day. Port Adelaide Railway station was on the Site of the present Police Station.
1856QueenstownWhite Swan (from British Vol.) 215 Port Rd
1856BirkenheadSandwell (Part Sect.916) Subdivided By South Australia Company.
1856Port AdelaideLass O'Gowrie Hotel, St Vincent St. Opposite presbyterian Church
1856PortlandPortland Hotel built (Demolished/Rebuilt 1913/4)
1856AlbertonAlberton Railway Station opened, with separate booking rooms for 1st & 2nd/3rd class passengers.Of the four wires used for the line, two were for railway use. The poles were square, and were mostly made from Jarrah - then called Swan River mahogany - and Singapore Cedar.
1856QueenstownWhite Swan, 215 Port Road
1856Port AdelaideCaptain Lipson resigned, Was Harbor Master
1856Port AdelaideGlobe Hotel, Site of Carp. Arms
1856BirkenheadBridgetown (Sect. 702), Subdivided By Harry Gilbert
1856PortlandPortland Hotel, 286 Commercial Rd
1856Port AdelaideWhite Hart HotelClosed 1880
1856Port AdelaideCorporation Formed, Captain French 1st Mayor of Port Adelaide.
1856GlanvilleGlanville Hall built for Captain Hart, 8 Park AvenueTower added 1865
1856Port AdelaidePort Dock Station, Original Corner of St. Vincent & Lipson Streets remodelled 1880, and renamed Port Dock 1916
1856Port AdelaideSignal Station, First Signalman William Uden.
1856SemaphoreAdelaide to Port Adelaide telegraph line extended to Semaphore under the Port River and underground in iron pipes. A telegraph office was opened near the Pilot Station.,
1857Port AdelaideFirst Presbyterian Church, Leadenhall StreetFebTo 1882
1857Lefevre PeninsulaBridgewater Hotel, Formerly North ArmOct8Closed 1859
1857Port AdelaideNorth Parade Fire, Fire destroyed North Parade in 1857Nov9
1857Port AdelaideMagazine Creek Bridge J, Destroyed by fire in 1873
1857Port AdelaideExchange Hotel opened, Right at the end of Commercial Road Port AdelaideIn 1935 the hotel, along with other buildings, was demolished to allow for the widening of McLaren Wharf. A new hotel was built slightly to the south and was officially known as the New Exchange from 1941 to 1986. It is now known as the Lighthouse Hotel.
1857GlebeAlberton Methodist Church, Port Road
1857QueenstownPrince of Wales (White Swan), 215 Port Road
1857Port AdelaideOrient, SS Orient vanguard of the liner trade overseas with P & O. Orient. etc.
1858QueenstownQueenstown Primitive Methodist Church opened at what is today 193 Port Road.Apr4Later the site of the second 1879 church
1858AlbertonAlberton Wesleyan Church opened on the northern corner of Port Road and Glebe Street.Apr25From 1900 Methodist, from 1977 Uniting, closed 1994
1858Lefevre PeninsulaLennon ( unamed infant) died of suffication. Winnifred Lennon pleaded guilty to concealing the birth of a child & sentenced to 4 months imprisonment.Sep15murder
1858AlbertonMethodist Church, Now Uniting
1858Port AdelaideSt Marys Church, Immaculate Concept.Dale Street
1858Lefevre PeninsulaOld Fairlop Hotel,Closed 1859
1858Port AdelaideSouth Australia Company's Swing Bridge, No. 1 Dock
1858AlbertonPort Rd/Glebe St corner,Demol. 24/7/1882
1859SemaphoreThe Port Bridge (site of present Jervois Bridge); the first bridge across the Port River; opened for traffic in January.Jan11Wooden Structure
1859SemaphoreSemaphore Jetty Construction commenced.Mar27
1859Port AdelaidePublic meeting held to form Working Men's associationJul
1859Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Institute established, after two previous attempts in 1851 and 1954Sep3Library started with 350 books.
1859PortlandDistrict council of Portland Estate prclaimedSep15
1859PortlandPortland Estate District Council established.Closely packed allotments. Annexed 1884
1859ExeterLord Exmouth Hotel, 39 Exmouth Road
1859Port AdelaideDuke of Wellington Hotel, St Vincent StreetLicense was lost during the option poll in 1906
1860Port AdelaideCombined Police Station, Customs House and Court House completed on the corner of St Vincent Street and Commercial Road.Mar27Port Adelaide Harbor Trust and Trinity house of Port Adelaide abolished
1860Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Institute granted use of the original customs house.Mar27
1860AlbertonBritish Standard Hotel licensed, 160 Port Road AlbertonApr5License was lost during the option poll in 1906
1860SemaphoreSemaphore Jetty completed; 1900ft (580m) long x 9ft (2.7m) wide.AprExtended to 2138ft (652m) in 1874.
1860AlbertonAlberton & Queenstown Volunteer Rifles formed.Amalgamated with Port Adelaide Rifles in August
1860Port AdelaideMarine Board South Australia established by the Government.Port Adelaide Harbor Trust and Trinity house of Port Adelaide abolished
1860Port AdelaideSt Joseph's School
1861AlbertonAlberton and Queenstown population reaches 1082 (Census)
1861Port AdelaideFirst lighting of English and Australian Copper Company Smelter, Mundy Street
1862SemaphoreRoad from the jetty to the Port Bridge completed in July.Jul
1862Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Grammar School established.became Port Adelaide Public School in 1876.
1862BirkenheadTownship of Birkenhead (Part Sect. 2012), Subdivided
1863Port AdelaideWesleyan Methodist Church, St Vincent StreetOct25
1863Lefevre PeninsulaGovernment Grant School, Dunniker/Mead Streets
1864AlbertonAlberton Baptist Church opened, 230 Port Road (North corner of William Street)Jan7Vacated and Sold in 1999. Merged with Semaphore Baptist Church and relocated to 57-59 Old Port Road Queenstown, from 8 October 2000 as Gateway Baptist Church.
1864GlanvilleGlanville District Council established,Jul14Aug. 11 Revised date
District Council of Glanville formed. The boundaries were incorrectly proclaimed in July and re-proclaimed on 11 August. They encompassed all the land between the sea coast and the ‘Port Creek’ from a little north of the present Grange railway line to a northern boundary running approximately in line with Exmouth Rd Exeter. (The Corporate Town of Semaphore was severed from both it and the DC of Lefevre’s Peninsula 20 December 1883. The remainder amalgamated with the DC of Woodville 5 January 1888.)Aug11
Queenstown and Alberton District Council formed.Oct20Annexed by Port Adelaide 1898
1864PortlandPrivate School, Clare Street Sarah Liscombe
1864SemaphorePeninsula Literary Institute formed. (Into recess 1880; books transferred to the new Semaphore Institute in 1884),
1865Port AdelaidePort Adelaide severely flooded when a fierce gale drove up a high tide which breached the embankment.May11
1865Port AdelaideTown Hall foundation stone, St Vincent StreetJun10
1865PortlandGeorge Smith's leg was broken during an assualt in the Portland Hotel & refused treatment died of gangrene of the foot. Robert Sutcliffe was found guilty of manslaughter & sentenced to 4 years imprisonment with hard labour.Oct24murder
1865Port AdelaideHannay, blacksmith91 Comm. Road
1865BirkenheadPrivate School Opened, By Caroline HarveyClosed 1871
1865Port AdelaideCannon Brewery, Comm. Rd./St Vin St.William Knapman
1865SemaphoreSemaphore Methodist Church
1865Port AdelaideRobin & LeMessurier's timber, Commercial/Lipson Sarnia MRobin & Hack '74
1865Port AdelaideThe Globe Hotel, established as the Carpenters' Arms in 1850 but destroyed by fire in 1865. Rebuilt and renamed the Globe until 1981 when it became the Golden Port Tavern. The building survives and is being renovated.
1866Port AdelaideAustralia's Pride Hotel, Corner of Cannon and Robe StreetJan11Delicensed 1906
1866Port AdelaideNew born Male Child, found in a bag in the Port River near Fletchers slip by Owen Williams.Jan20murder
1866Port AdelaideTown Hall opened, Clocktower 1866Jun1010.6.'65 building comp.
1866RosewaterFirst gas generated.Nov17
1866BirkenheadPrivate School Opened, By Mary MillardClosed 1870
1866SemaphoreWesleyan Methodist Church,
1866Port AdelaideCongregational Church, Cr. St Vin/Lipson StreetsBurnt in April
1866RosewaterGas works established at Rosewater by SAGASCO
1866SemaphoreJetty Hotel on Semaphore Road opened at 25 Semaphore Road.Built in 1866 by C.L Johnson and the licence transferred to W.M. Carroll in 1867. Renamed the Federal Hotel in 1901
1867Port AdelaideDunn's Mill erected, Lipson Street.JanDemolished 1960
1867BirkenheadFirst vessel on Fletchers Dunniker Slip (Fletchers Second Slip), with the Ship Edinburgh.Mar12
1867Port AdelaideFleetwood, Draper. FireSep27Neared Powder Mag.
1867Port AdelaideDuke of Edinburgh, Prince Alfred visits South Australia.Oct31The Prince docked in Glenelg on the outskirts of Adelaide on the afternoon of 31 October 1867. Massive crowds greeted him and lined the roads on the way into the city.
1867Port AdelaideReticulated water, Important streets
1867Port AdelaideSussex Hotel (Cr Cannon St), Commercial RoadDelicensed 1906
1867PortlandHarrison's Flour Mill, beside Tam O'Shanter Ck
1867PortlandThistle Inn, corner of College Place and Liddon Street Port Adelaide.Renamed Scotch Thistle in 1882 and delicensed 1906
1867Port AdelaideTelegraph Station, 29 North Parade
1867Port AdelaideDunns Mill, Lipson street Mill
1867SemaphoreSemaphore Hotel on Semaphore Road opened.Largely rebuilt and third storey added circa 1927
1867SemaphoreWesleyan Methodist (now Uniting) Church on Semaphore Road was opened.,
1867AlbertonCatholic School Started, 30 StudentsFounded by Sisters of St Joseph
1867Port AdelaideCatholic School Started, 40 StudentsFounded by Sisters of St Joseph
1868Port AdelaideCongregational Church on Commercial Road (4th building),DecNow Uniting
1868PortlandBible Christian Church,
1868Port AdelaideHarrison's Mill, N of Portland Commercial Road end of Portland Canal
1869Port AdelaidePrince Albert Sailors' Home, Foundation stoneFeb18Demolished 1932
1869QueenstownQueenstown Church of Christ first meeting, Meeting was held King's Schoolroom, Port AdelaideOct25Other venues were used down the years until the former Queenstown
Primitive Methodist Church was purchased in 1900 following Methodist Union.
1869Port AdelaideRoyal S.A. Yacht Squadron,Nov5
1869Outer HarborPort Adelaide Lighthouse at the entrance to Light's Passage first lit.Superseded 1901
1869Port AdelaideCommercial Hotel reopened after fire
1869Port AdelaideAustralian Clubhouse Hotel, Rebuilt 1878Closed 1994
1869QueenstownChurch of Christ.
1869BirkenheadA. McFarlane & Sons Estab., Cruickshank's CnrMoved 1932
1869PortlandBible Christian Chapel, Clare Street
1869Port AdelaideRSAYS, Bucknall organized first Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron
1869Port AdelaideSt Marys Hall opened, next to Church on the corner of Marryatt and Dale Streets.
1870Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Football Club formed.Mar1at Buck's Flat
1870AlbertonYatala Smelting Works, FireJul27
1870SemaphorePost Office opened, Closed 1871DecStn No. 299
1870Port AdelaideBower Buildings, 8 St Vin. (Dem.2000)Robe St.1898
1870GlanvillePipe Foundry, Ways & Works
1870Port AdelaidePA Rowing Club, PA Rowing Club formed 1870. Oldest rowing club in Aust. Bucknall great supporter
1871AlbertonSt George's Mission Church/Schoolroom opened St George's Square, Alberton by St Pauls Church of England, Port Adelaide.Jan3New Church opened 11 October 1917, and another dedicated on 12 October 1958. All three buildings are interconnected, the church closed 23 April 2017.
1871SemaphoreA Post Office was opened at the Telegraph Station Semaphore.Apr3
1871Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Institute established as a Museum
1871PortlandGas pipes laid in streets,
1871YatalaGasworks Hotel, Junction RoadClose '81
1871Port AdelaideDuke Edinburgh,
1871GlanvilleCumberland Hotel, 76 Causeway Road
Alberton and Queenstown’s population at the census 1,341
1872SemaphoreDistrict Council of Lefevre's Peninsula proclaimed, comprising of the entire peninsula north of the boundary with Glanville. (approximately in line with Exmouth Road Exeter)Apr11
1872Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Working Men's Association formed,#VALUE!Later Waterside Workers' Federation.
1872GlanvilleAnglican Church built
1872PortlandReticulated water available,
1872Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Institute established general museum.
1872SemaphoreA Church of England ‘Mission Church’ opened on the corner of Semaphore Road and what is now Causeway Road 11 January.
1872SemaphoreDistrict Council of Lefevre’s Peninsula proclaimed 11 April; comprising the entire Peninsula north of the boundary of the DC of Glanville. (The DC of Birkenhead was severed from it 22 February 1877; while the Corporate Town of Semaphore was severed from both it and the DC of Glanville 20 December 1883. The remainder was added to the DC of Birkenhead 7 August 1884.),
1873LargsTownship of Margate (sections 2061, 1062, 1096 &1097) was advertised for Sale in the South Australian Register.Jun18
1873LargsThe name Margate was changed to 'Larges' without explanation in the advertisement of 2 July and corrected to Largs the next day.,Jul2
1873Port AdelaideCharles Withecombe (Wittacombe) died after being assualted with Rolling Pin by Joseph Adams, Thomas McLean,William Edgar & Benjamin Rebbeck Adams and McLean found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. This was later commuted tp life imprisonment. Edgar and Rebbeck charged with accessory to murde and found not guitly.Jul26murder
1873LargsExtension of the Township of Largs' (Section 1063) advertised for sale on 25 September at the Semaphore Hotel.Aug25
1873Port AdelaideEight Hours movement comm, Applied to workforceSep3
1873Port AdelaideNew tug Sophia first tow, Hannah NicholsonNov26
1873PortlandKing's Wharf constructed, To land silt for fill
1873Port AdelaideNorth Arm Bridge Burnt,
1874SemaphoreSt Margaret's Hospital, Foundation StoneSep14Mrs Musgrave
1874SemaphoreGeorge Shorney; Manager of John Dunn & Co’s flour mill in Port Adelaide; built a two-storey home on the east corner of Semaphore Road and Ward Street.,
1874Port AdelaideErection of a New Institute Building on the Corner of Nile Street and Commercial Road commenced. Completed in 1976.On the site of the old no. 4 Bonded store.
1875SemaphoreTimeball Tower operational, 1 o'clock ball dropsJun30Superseded 1932
1875GlanvilleSinclair Wharf opened.Jun30
1875SemaphoreTimeball Tower at the sea end of Semaphore Road operational 2 August. The ball was dropped daily at a fixed time to allow officers of newly-arrived vessels at the Semaphore Anchorage to check the accuracy of their chronometers.,Aug2Superseded by wireless telegraphy in v1932
1875Port AdelaideFormby fountain, Erected in Nile Street
1875Port AdelaideAdelaide Steamship Co., Establishedwith 1st vessel Flinders
1875Port AdelaideCoast Steamships, Launched 1 month after Adelaide Steam. Subsidiary ships Ceres and Juno
1875AlbertonThe illustrated Adelaide News, December issue mentioned "the important suburb of Alberton, which will in a short time join the Port…."
1876Port AdelaideFamily Hotel (White Horse C.), St Vincent/QuebecDec11To 11/12/1878
1876Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Public School opened.Port Adelaide Grammer school became Port Adelaide public school under the administration of the state educational system.
1876AlbertonAlberton Police Station opened in a former Toll House on Port Road.Used as Police St. Until 1984 when it was superseded by a new building in Queenstown.
1876Port AdelaideKent Hotel (now called Port Anchor), 45 Cannon StreetNow 15 Church Street, Port Adelaide
1876Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Institute opened corner. Nile St and Commercial Road.,
1876SemaphoreLefevre’s Peninsula Public School opened on the east corner of Mead Street and Dunnikier (now Semaphore) Road; in the wake of the Education Act of 1875; which introduced compulsory (but not five days a week) schooling for 7-13 year olds. (In 1921 the school was divided into a Primary School and an Infant School.),
1877Port AdelaideDredge Willunga sinks, Last hopper dredgeJan1153 days submerged
1877BirkenheadBirkenhead District Council established.Feb22Severed from Lefevres Peninsula District Council, Annexed 1886
1877RosewaterRosewater District Council established,Mar22Annexed to Port Adelaide in 1899
1877RosewaterRosewater Post office opened.Jul
1877Port AdelaideFerry Unique, First Trial RunOct26Commercial Road to Birkenhead.
1877AlbertonAlberton Oval formally opened by Port Adelaide Mayor, David Bower M.P.Nov8See also 1903
1877AlbertonAlberton Hotel, south corner of Port Road and Sussex Street, Alberton first licensed.Dec10Built alongside Shipwrights Arms Hotel.
1877LargsSection 1098 ( Todays Larg's Reserve) was gazetted 'as a place for the recreation and amusement of the inhabitants of LeFevre's Peninsula'.It was subsequently placed under 'the care, control and management' of the District Council of LeFevre's Peninsula.
1877Lefevre PeninsulaSchool, behind Fletcher's SIip.
1877GlanvilleI.0.0.F. Lodge No. 3, met in Thornton Hotel.
1877GlanvilleThornton Hotel (open prior), Hart StreetDelicensed 1906
1877RosewaterCouncil Chambers, RSL Hall 1937Restored 1998
1877PortlandTam O'Shanter Creek, Scheme to deepen
1877Port AdelaideMcColl's Hardware, 99 Lipson StreetNow stationers
1877Port AdelaideAdelaide Steamship Company Formed, South Australian and Victorian in 1877 early vessels to establish Adelaide Steamship Co.
1878SemaphoreThe Jervois Bridge; an iron swing bridge built to carry the railway line from Port Adelaide to Semaphore was officially opened by and named after Governor Sir William Jervois on 6 February.Feb6It replaced the timber Port Bridge.
1878ExeterExeter Railway Station built, & Semaphore platform extendedFeb8from Evening Journal
1878PortlandMary Prest died after being assaulted by her husband with metal tongs at their home in Clare stret Portland. Jonathon Prest was found guilty of murder, sentenced to death and executed 16 July 1878Mar12murder
1878SemaphoreThe first Baptist Church; a wooden building in Turton Street seating 200, had its opening service 24 November.,Aug25
1878SemaphoreSt Andrews Anglican Church, Foundation stoneOct26
1878QueenstownBenedict Suck died afterbeing assaulted by David Smith. Smith was acquittedOct28Murder
1878PortlandFire Reel and instructions Acquired,Dec12To 9/12/1884
1878BirkenheadBirkenhead Hotel , 3 Elder RoadDec171968 name change to Tavern
1878Port AdelaideCrooks & Brooker showrooms, 81-83 Comm. RoadLater Ezywalkin
1878Port AdelaideRoyal Arms Hotel opened, 275 St Vincent St
1878AlbertonAlberton Hotel, 124 Port Road -Prev. Coromandel InnDelicensed 1906
1878Port AdelaideBrunswick Pier Hotel, 147 St Vincent St
1878Port AdelaidePrimitive Methodist Church,
1878RosewaterPrimitive Methodist Church,
1878Port AdelaideBlack Diamond Hotel Street Vincent/Quebec,
1878GlanvilleBible Christian Church,
1878Port AdelaidePort Adelaide News founded, To 1897 - back 1904 - Again in 1913
1878SemaphoreFirst major long-distance telephone call in Australia was made from Semaphore to Port Augusta (386 km).
1878SemaphoreAdelaide to Port Railway extended to Semaphore and opened to general traffic on 7 January. It was routed from the original Port Adelaide Station via St Vincent Street with platforms at Glanville and Exeter being built soon after the opening.,
1878SemaphoreChemist shop opened by G.F. Ward at 41 Semaphore Road.,
1879AlbertonProtestant Benefit Society hall opened in Sussex Street Alberton.Jan20
1879EtheltonEthelton Hotel, 25 Carlisle StreetMar11
1879AlbertonBible Christians commenced services, Services held in in Protestant Hall, Sussex Street, AlbertonMay11
1879Port AdelaideA steam tram service was stated by the Port Adelaide, Queenstown, Alberton and Portland Esate Tramway Company. From a depot in Glyde Street Albert Park the route was from Glyde Street along Port Road, High Street Queenstown, Commercial Road Port Adelaide where it terminated near the Black Diamond corner.May22Became horse-powered 1882, electric 1917
1879QueenstownWhittaker Memorial Church (Primitive Methodist), 194 Port Road Queenstown.Jun1Bought by Church of Christ in 1900 following Methodist union. In 2007
the Queenstown and Cheltenham Churches of Christ merged to form the
Northwestern Community Church. Later moved to a former window factory next door
1879Port AdelaideNewmarket buildings, Opened as marketDec11Hotel 1890
1879SemaphoreFirst Major Long Distance, Telephone. Call In Aus.To Pt Augusta
1879SemaphoreBute Terrace residences, 176-186 Military Rd
1879Port AdelaideTemperance Hotel building, 89 Commercial RdLicensed 1886
1879RosewaterRoyal Oak Hotel, Junc. Rd/ NewcastleDelicensed 1906
1879Port AdelaidePrince Alfred Hotel, Lipson/Russell StreetsClosed 1895
1879Port AdelaideLivingstone Arms Hotel, Nile StreetClosed 1889
1879SemaphoreKew Hotel, Company StreetDelicensed 1906
1879Port AdelaideCompany Basin, Company Basin transformed into New Dock
1879Port AdelaideCopper Company Wharf, Used for the shipment of ore. later from Burra as well.
1879SemaphoreSt Andrew’s Church of England opened on Military Road. (Renamed St Bede’s in 1881),
1880LargsThe hulk Fitzjames replaced a site at Magill as the colony's Boys Reformatory from 5 March and was moored in Larg's Bay.Mar5Closed 28 May 1890, when the boys returned to Magill. It had previously served as a quarantine hulk for Port Adelaide.
1880AlbertonBible Christian Chapel opened, in Torrens PIace Yatala (now Alberton)Jul11From 1900 Methodist, from 1977 Uniting
1880Port AdelaideRailway line to Adelaide duplicated.Aug14
1880Port AdelaideNew Dock opened, fronting Santo Parade.Sep20Reclaimed 1935
1880Port AdelaideThe opening of the Fisher Bridge by Hon. William Morgan.Sep20Bridge named after Hon. Joe Fisher
1880AlbertonWith the duplication of Adelaide to Port Adelaide Railway the Eastern platform, a passenger terminal and overway bridge were constructed.
1880ExeterExeter Hotel (from Lefevre), 152 Semaphore Rd
1880Lefevre PeninsulaFort Glanville operational, 1st of 3 planned forts. 2 x 10 " Guns which fired 400lb projectiles over 6500 yards and 2 x 64 pounder guns.Largs/Glenelg
1880Port AdelaideElders Wool Store, Santo ParadeExtended 1883
1880SemaphoreBute Terrace houses; 176-186 Military Road; built for the Messrs Gray Brothers.,
1880SemphoreWater Tower in Blackler Satreet was completed.
1881LargsProspectus of the Largs Bay Land & Investment Company advertised in the Port Adelaide News of 28 June, 'We understand That applications for over 100,000 shares have been received'.Jun28Prospectus
1881LargsThings are beginning to wear a lively aspect at Largs Bay. Mr Hargrave CE is busily engaged in surveying the roads. It is popularly rumoured that Mr Christie's mansion stands in jeopardy through an encroachment upon the road, but let us hope that rumour may in this case prove as false as it has frequently done beforeAug6Port Adelaide News, 6 September 1881
1881BirkenheadWesleyan Methodist Chapel, Victoria RoadAug21Opened Jetty Dec. 2
1881LargsIn a letter to Port Adelaide News of 7 October William Chritie says he is 'the only resident in Largs Bay'Oct7His house stands at 14 Ralston Street
1881LargsRailway via Mead Street opened.Dec25
1881SemaphoreAnglican Church of St Andrew renamed St Bedes,
1881AlbertonAlberton & Queenstown population reaches 2217.
1881SemaphoreMail sorting station, Corner Esplanade & Semaphore Road
1881PortlandRechabite Hall built, Commercial Road
1881SemaphoreFire Station, 76 Hall Street
1881RosewaterRosewater Hotel (open prior), 58 Grand Junc. Rd
1881Port AdelaideJervois Hotel, Lipson/Russell StreetsClosed 1909
1881Port AdelaideCriterion Hotel (open prior), 2 Francis StreetClosed 23/3/1951
1881Port AdelaideYorke Pen. SS Co, with James Comrie and Warooka
1881SemaphoreWater Tower in Blackler Street operational. It was needed to maintain water pressure on the Peninsula when the water main across the Jervois Bridge had to be turned off to allow the bridge to open.,
1881SemaphoreNew Mail Station built on the south corner of the Esplanade and Semaphore Road to handle mail sent by sea.,Demolished 1967
1881SemaphoreNew Post and Telegraph Office opened on Semaphore Road/Customs Lane corner 8 November. (Service relocated to 38 Semaphore Rd in 1984),
1881SemaphoreSemaphore Institute formed 15 December. (Amalgamated with the Port Adelaide Institute 1903),
1882Port AdelaidePresbyterian Church, St Vincent StreetFeb5The old Church became a Salvation Army barracks, later converted to a warehouse.
1882BirkenheadPrivate School Opened, By Mrs JonesJulWesleyan Chapel.
1882Port AdelaideStrike of 600-700 lumpers for increased wagesNov17
1882LargsLargs Jetty completed,Dec2
1882LargsPier Hotel, 198 Esplanade Largs Bay,Dec23changed name to Largs Pier in 1890.
1882Largs23 December, the official opening of the three storey, 50 room hotel, 640 Metre long Jetty and railway line from Glanville, built by Largs Bay Land and investment Company.Dec23
1882SemaphoreMarian Todd trampled by horses on the Semaphore beach. John Reid, Adoplh Heise, James ford, John Minnis, Samuel Mead, Henry Purvis and William Baker. Charges withdrawn against Reid and Purvis, Heise,Ford, Minnis, Mead and Baker found not guilty.Dec25
1882LargsThe inaugural Largs Bay Annual Regatta and Sports, attracted about 9,000 people.Dec26
1882Port AdelaideSalvation Army Corps,
1882PortlandParis Hotel (open prior), Clare St/Portland P1.
1882SemaphoreLawn Tennis Club Formed,
1882Port AdelaideAdelaide Milling Co,1882 Harts Mill merged with Morgan. Connor & Glyde. Walter Duffield & Jas. Cowan & Co.
1882SemaphoreSemaphore Lawn Tennis Club formed.,
1882SemaphoreRichard Jagoe; long-serving shipping reporter for the daily papers and owner of the beach boats that served ships at the Semaphore Anchorage; built a new home (still standing) on the corner of Newman Street and the Esplanade.,
1883Largs18 January, Post And Telegraph offices openedJan18The subsequent stone Post and Telegraph office building at 9 Jetty road was erected 1884-1885 and closed in 1983, when the postal agency was transferred to Largs Bay Delicatessen across the road.
1883Port AdelaideJames Officer at 4 weeks old was sufocated by drunken mother Margaret Officer. Charges were withdrawn by the attorney-generalFeb12Murder
1883GlanvilleMale infant, found on the flats at Glanville. Suffocated by persons unknown.Mar7murder
1883SemaphoreNew Baptist Church opened at 60-62 Semaphore Road 18 March; replacing the Turton Street building. (Merged with Alberton Baptist Church and relocated to Old Port Road; Queenstown; from 8 October 2000 to form Gateway Baptist Church.),Mar18
1883PortlandMartha Scatchheard died fom injuries following a assault by James Oakley, found not guilty.May1murder
1883Port AdelaideTelephone Exchange openedSep7
Semaphore Corporation established from parts of the District Councils of Glanville and Lefevre’s Peninsula. (Using current terminology; its western boundary followed the coast from Jervois Street to Strathfield Terrace, then east to Military Road; south down Military and Fletcher Roads to the Port River; followed the west bank of the River to in line with Recreation Parade; west along that line to Sansom Road; north to Bower Road; west to Military Road; north to Jervois Street and west to the coast.). Largs was one of the wards created.Dec19
1883Port AdelaideRobinson Bridge, No. 1 Dock , OpenedOctoberDemolished October 1935, closed March 935
1883Port AdelaideNelcebee Assembled by, Thomas Cruickshank
1883Port AdelaideColac Hotel, 1 Santo Parade
1883LargsTwo storey building at 11-15 Jetty road, comprising shops and residences completed for the Largs Bay Land and Investment Company
1883Port AdelaideStilling & Co. Wool Store, Santo ParadeBuilt
1883Port AdelaideDock Hotel (was. Wharf Dock), Todd StreetDelicensed 1906
1884Port AdelaideAndrew Kiddle, the abusive husband of Mary Kiddle, was killed by Mary using a pair of scissors. She was found not guilty of manslaughterMar4Murder, Market buildings Port Adelaide
1884PortlandGaskin Child, Suffocated. Emma Gaskin pleaded guitly to concealment of birth & sentenced to 3 months imprisonment.Jun15Murder
1884SemaphoreEsplanade to Largs Joined,Jul19
1884Port AdelaideWesleyan Church, Dale Street, Foundation Stone laidSep22Demolished 1973
1884Port AdelaideWillima Howe died of knife wounds. Johsnned Larsen found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 12 Months imprisonment. Auguste Wehr found guilty of wounding with intent and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour.Nov3Murder at Commercial Wharf
1884Port AdelaideFire at Hack's Timber Yard,Nov6
1884Port AdelaideT. Hack's Timber Yard fire, Commercial RoadNov10
1884QueenstownQueenstown Police Station completed, High Street & Port Road.Nov11Now 131 Port Rd.
Closed 7th September 1972
1884AlbertonAlberton and Queenstown Christian Mission Hall opened on the north corner of King Street and Providence ( now Diamond) Place Alberton.Nov30Later renamed Diamond Jubilee Hall to mark Queen Victoria's 60th year on the throne in 1897.
1884Port AdelaideCentral Hotel, 74 Commercial RoadDec9To 2002
1884LargsFort Largs became operational.Became Police Academy in 1961, vacated in 2012 when a new Academy opened on adjacent site
1884PortlandPortland Estate Council annexed by the Port Adelaide corporation.
1884Port AdelaideH.C.M.S Protector arrived, from England
1884SemaphoreSemaphore Masonic Lodge formed.,
1884SemaphoreSemaphore and Largs esplanades joined by opening a roadway through the sandhills.,
1884SemaphoreSemaphore Institute building on the west corner of Semaphore Road and Institute Lane opened by the Governor 15 March.,Was Ozone Theatre, now Library
1885Port AdelaideMale child found in Leadehall Street, cause of death strangulation.Dec9murder
1885Port AdelaideWesleyan Methodist Church, Dale StreetDemolished 1973
1885Port AdelaideFirst Crooks & Brooker Fire,
1885LargsLargs cottages (186-196 Mead Street) first listed with occupants in South Australian directory.
1886PeterheadPost Office opened,Jul
1886AlbertonM Donaghy & Sons (of Geelong) rope works officially opened on a large site on Old Port Road Queenstown by the Mayor of Adelaide.Aug26
1886BirkenheadPost Office Sub, station openDec1
1886BirkenheadBirkenhead Council Annexed by Port Adelaide Corporation.Dec9Dec
1886Port AdelaideWalter & Morris timber yard, Robin & Hack's premises.Later to Minories
1886PortlandTam O'Shanter Creek, Canal Bill introduced
1887AlbertonAlberton Railway station becomes un-staffed after Ticket Office is removed.Sep18
1887Port AdelaidePort Land Company, Morialta Chambers Adelaide.App. In Directory
1887Port AdelaideEclipse Mill (Dunn's), corner of Fussell and/Honey Streets Port Adelaide.Burnt Jan. 2 '20
1887LargsLargs Villas' first listed with occupants in South Australian Directory.
1888PortlandBible Christians joined with, Methodist.
1889SemaphoreSemaphore Swimming Baths on the jetty officially opened 26 January.Jan26Destroyed 1917
1889Port AdelaideMusical Society Formed, Mr Wyatt Mortimer.Oct24
1889SemaphoreSalvation Army Corps.
1889SemaphoreBaths on Jetty Opened.
1889Port AdelaidePortland Canal completed.Tam O'Shanter Creek straightened to become the PortLand Canal, named because it ran along the border of the Portland District. Later became the Port Adeladie Canal.
1889Port AdelaideS.A. Yacht Club, Opening demo.
1889Port AdelaideCommercial Wharf, ASC used Commercial wharf from this time. moved to McLaren Wharf in 1935
1889SemaphoreSemaphore Institute building sold to Semaphore Corporation to be the Town Hall.,
1889SemaphoreRotunda on the foreshore south of the jetty officially opened 18 January.,
1890Port AdelaideJervois Bridge steps named Kestel StepsApr25Mayor Kestel
1890Port AdelaideDocklands devastated by major maritime strike. 10,000 men took part in immense demonstration in Adelaide to show sympathy with the Shipping strikeOct18Labour problems -Port Adelaide working men, v Stevedores and Ship owners
1890Port AdelaideRacing Club first meeting, Grand Junction Road
1890Port AdelaideNewmarket Hotel, 132 Commercial Rd
1891LargsThe Government agreed to buy the Largs Jetty and railway in February, as recommended by the Royal Commission on Landing and embarking European mails.Feb12
1891AlbertonPost Office at Railway Station,Oct
1891AlbertonAlberton & Queenstown population reaches 2632.
1891LargsCensus reveals that the Largs Ward of the Semaphore corporation had 34 dwellings and 134 inhabitants.The Largs ward was much larger than the township of Largs.
1891Port AdelaideAustralian Stevedoring Co., Captains W. Begg & J. Legoe
1891GlanvilleCSR Refinery opened.Fire 1926, Demolished 1993
1891Port AdelaideKembla House, 55 St Vincent Street
1891SemaphoreFire Brigade Formed,
1891SemaphorePolice Station west of the Town Hall at 6 Semaphore Road opened in August. (Replaced rented premises opposite the Exeter Railway Station),
1892AlbertonOpening of Alberton Public School, QueenstownOct3Infant School opened 1923 and extended in 1930 Redeveloped in 1988
1892EtheltonPublic School, Harley/Pelham StreetsPrev. Glanville
1892LargsLargs Bay Land and Investment Company was voluntarily liquidated.
1893GlanvillePublic School opened, named Ethelton in 1919Jan23
1894Port AdelaideDora Sweetapple, D.B.N.S. First NurseJun21
1894SemaphoreWarrinilla built, Semaphore Road
1894BirkenheadSt Andrews Anglican Church,
1894GlanvilleBrewery opened, Later Bronson's
1895Port AdelaideSouth Australian Electric Light and Motive Power Company Formed.Mar
1895CheltenhamPort Adelaide R.C. first meeting,Nov26
1895PortlandMontpelier Square fenced, Planted with trees
1895RosewaterSt Barnabas Anglican Church,
1895Port AdelaideCannon Brewery, Cannon St. Until 1902Big Gun Brewery
1895Port AdelaideProduce Export Depot established on Ocean Steamers' Wharf,Moved to Gepps Cross in 1933
1895SemaphoreCyclone on 9 December caused considerable damage.,
1895SemaphoreDr Percy Bollen built a two-storey home at 43 Semaphore Road.,
1896GlanvillePost Office opened,Apr
1896EtheltonSt Nicholas Anglican Church,
1897GlanvilleBower Cottages foundations,Jun21
1897Port AdelaideSouth Australian Electric Light and Motive Power Company secured contract from the Corporation of Port Adelaide to supply electricity for street lighting.Sep10
1897Port AdelaideMarist Brothers arrive, S.S. AustralianNov8
1897Port AdelaideMarist Brothers School, Commercial Road Aug. 15
1897Port AdelaideRowing Club founded,
1897Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Sailing Club formed 1897
1897SemaphoreDr Henry Curtis built a two-storey home (’Holmwood’) on the south corner of Dunn Street and Military Road.,
1898Port AdelaideLion Timber Yard Fire.Mar24
Alberton and Queenstown councils annexed by Port Adelaide CorporationDec
Queenstown and Alberton District Council annexed by Port Adelaide Corporation.
1898SemaphoreCentrals Football Club, Formed.
1898Port AdelaideBritannia Hotel, Rebuilt.Now Dockside
1898LargsA Naval Drill shed was erected on the triangle of land bounded by the Railway line, Jetty Road and Military road.Demolished in 1984.
1899Port AdelaideThe first power station in Nile street began operating.Jan1
1899Port AdelaideElectric lighting in streets, Replaced gasJan1
1899RosewaterCouncil annexed, by Port Adelaide Corporation.Jan25
1899Port AdelaideCharity Concert Company, 1st concertJun13Orpheus Soc.
1899AlbertonRailway Post Office closed,
1899SemaphoreSt Bedes Anglican Church, Tracker Organ installed,
1899SemaphoreCongregational Church opened at 11 Jagoe Street.Closed 1973
1899SemaphoreDominican Convent established in Dr Curtis’ former home on Military Road and school opened 10 July.,
1900Port AdelaideProclaimed a City, population had passed 20,000May23E. Lumbers
1900Port AdelaideCorporation Flagstaff named, 115 ft high Town HallMay24Mayoress Caire
1900AlbertonSussex Street Post Office,May
1900AlbertonPort Road Post Office closes,May
1900Port AdelaideCharity Concert Company, First PerformanceJun13In the Port Adelaide Town Hall
1900LargsMethodist Services began in the Naval Drill shed on 16 September 1900.Sep16
1900SemaphoreSemaphore Corporation amalgamated with Port Adelaide Corporation.Nov1
1900Port AdelaideOrpheus Society, 1st concertNov7
1900Port AdelaideJervois Bridge woodwork fire, Spark from trainNov25
1900SemaphoreWongola Shoal Lighthouse completed.
1900AlbertonFollowing Methodist Union, Queenstown Primitive Methodist congregation amalgamated with Alberton Wesleyan Methodist congregation and worshipped in Alberton Methodist Church.
1901SemaphoreFederal Hotel, 25 Semaphore RoadMarFrom Jetty Hotel
1901Port AdelaideR.M.S. Ormuz quarantined,Oct9
1901SemaphorePort Adelaide Orpheus Societies first concert at the Semaphore Town Hall,Nov7
1901Port AdelaidePopulation 2089, an houses builds 4412,
1901PortlandNo Man's Land, Trees planted
1901BirkenheadFirst Fuel storage depot opens at Birkenhead. (Shell Co).
1901Port AdelaideDuke and Duchess of York on visits Port Adelaide, transported up Port River on Euro (tug),
1901SemaphoreSevere cyclone on 25 January damaged several homes.,
1901SemaphoreLighthouse on Wonga Shoal; west of the Semaphore Jetty; operational 1 July. (It superseded the Port Adelaide Lighthouse at the entrance to the Port River; which was then removed to South Neptune Island and; when it became redundant; re-erected in 1986 at the end of Commercial Road; Port Adelaide.),
1901SemaphoreFire Brigade Station opened on the east corner of Jagoe St and Hall St. (Closed 1988),
1902LargsAnglican Services began in the Naval Drill shed.Oct12
1902Lefevre PeninsulaPost Office closed,Nov
1902AlbertonAlberton Oval purchased by the Port Adelaide Council, from the trustees of WH Gray's Estate (3000 pound paid).Previously leased by the Queenstown and Alberton Council for
many years.
1903LargsA sanatorium for women and a shelter for children, precursor of the Largs Bay Orphanage, were established by the Sisters of St Joseph in a house in Kalgoorlie Road, in February.Feb1The Orphanage moved into the former home of Mrs Harrold on the North corner of Harrold Street and the Esplanade in October 1906 and closed in 1980.
1903Port Adelaide
Alberton Oval official reopened by the Port Adelaide Mayoress, Mrs Jurs.Apr9
1903AlbertonAlberton Oval Bowling Club formed.,7Called Port Adelaide 1903-7.
1904LargsFirst Methodist Church building opened at 477 Military Road.Jul31Demolished January 1983.
1904SemaphoreSemaphore Bowling Club Formed,
1904SemaphoreCroquet Club, Next to Bowling Club I
1904Port AdelaideSkating Rink Opened, St Vin./ Todd St. Cr.
1904SemaphoreCommercial Bank of Australia Sub-branch opened on Semaphore Road near Exeter Railway Station.,
1905Port AdelaideSt Paul's Church, Third buildingNov
1905LargsSacred Heart College, Military R./Hannay St
1905Port AdelaideCroquet Club Lipson Street,
1905Port AdelaideGulf Steamships, Amalgamated with Yorke Peninsula Steam and Coast Steamships to form Gulf Steamships with Karatta 1907
1905Port AdelaideHarbor Masters, List of Port Adelaide Harbor Masters P.84 of Port Book
1906Port AdelaideAdelaide Milling Company Fire.MarFive Storey Mill
1906LargsDedication of St Bede's Mission Largs Bay Mission Church in Musgrave Street..Apr7Renamed St Albans in 1914, from 1st July 1916 no longer a Mission Church.
1906Port AdelaideH. L. Vosz Paint Factory Built Lipson Street,NovLater Dulux
1906SemaphoreWolverton Hospital est.,
1906Port AdelaideSavings Bank bldg., 98 Lipson Ex Navalmen's 1950Formby Rest.
1906AlbertonIndependent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) Hall , Kent Street (now 11 Sussex street) opened.Later used by Greek Orthodox Old Calendar Church of Saints Apostles Peter and Paul. A new church was opened on the site in 1990.
1906LargsLargs Bay College opened at 138-139 Esplanade.
1907Port AdelaideSailing ship Norma lying at anchorage was wrecked after being struck by Ardencraig off Semaphore (Norma Welsh Druid Princess).Apr21The Jessie Darling ran over the ran over the wreck and sank, then the Port Chalmers crossed the wreck and was slightly damaged. Norma Figurehead in South Australian Maritime Museum.
1907Port AdelaideNile Street power station ceased operations, and all electricity was supplied from the Grenfell Street power Station. The Nile Street station had been running at a loss.Aug
1907Port AdelaideMuralo Buildings (Vosz Paint), Lipson StreetNow apartments
1907SemaphoreChurch Of the Sacred Heart, Catholic
1907Port AdelaideKaratta, most popular vessel with Gulf Steamships
1907AlbertonSirrus Private Hospital opened in Buller Terrace Alberton. In 1917 it moved across the railway tracks to 23 Prince Street.closed 24th December 1954
1907SAThe Metropolitan Tramways Trust Inc. with representatives of Government and local councils on the Board, took over all the then privately owned horse tramways and began to replace them with electric tramways.
1908Outer HarborOuter Harbor, opened by Premier Peake, the Orient-Royal mail steamer R.M.S. Oruba was there at opening, and was the first ship to berth at the Outer Harbor.Jan16Last Anchoring of Orient Liners in Largs Bay earlier in January.
1908Port AdelaideThe demolition of chimney on the English and Australian Copper Company's announced.Oct6
1908Outer HarborThe Semaphoe railway was extended to Outer Harbor and the Osborne Railway Station opened.
1908LargsLargs Railway Station opened in Mead Street with the commencement of passenger services to the Outer Harbor.
1908Port AdelaideSmith's Motor Co., 58 Lipson StreetPrevious Clutterbuck's
1909GlanvillePost Office closes,Dec
1909GlanvilleI.0.0.F. Lodge No. 3, Purchase Ang. Ch. Renamed Exeter Hall
1909Port AdelaideTramways Power Station was built, north of dock 2
1909PortlandOutbreak of plague 2 deaths, Leadenhall Street
1909Port AdelaideThe Port Scout Group, one of the first in South Australia became large enough to be registered in London and a certificate of registration was issued andsigned by Baden Powell.
1909SemaphoreSemaphore Scout Troop formed.
1909Alberton1st Alberton Scout Troop formed.
1909Largs1st Largs Bay Scout Troop registered.Merged with Semaphore Sea Scouts circa 1926.
Lefevre’s Peninsula District High School opened at the Public School.Jan21Closed 1914; It and the Hindmarsh District High School amalgamated to form Woodville District High School in 1915.
1910LargsLargs to Outer Harbor railway line duplicatedMar2Operational from 2 March.
1910Outer HarborPost Office openedMar
1910Port AdelaideSouth Africa fire, which was carrying a cargo of 122 tons of explosives, fortunately they did not catch on fire.Aug21
1910SemaphoreChurch of Christ, organised in the Masonic Hall on Semaphore Road.Aug21
1910GlanvilleWippet races were started at Glanville by the Port Adelaide Whippet and Athletic club.Aug21
1910GlanvilleFirst Glanville Hotel, purchased By South Australian Government to make way for the Outer Harbor Railway line.Nov
1910SemaphoreThe Wondergraph Theatre; an open air picture theatre in between the Customs Boarding Station and the Semaphore Coffee Palace; opened 26 December.Dec26
1910SemaphoreSemaphore Coffee Palace opened at 80 the Esplanade. (Became Wondergraph Café and later Evancourt Private Hotel),
1910LargsHerbert Dunn opened grocery Shop at 499 Military Road Largs .
1911OttowayCongregational Church,Apr
1911Port AdelaideRailway Bridge, South Jervois BridgeMay16Completed prior
Glanville to Largs railway duplicated within its own right of way.Aug30This replaces the single track down the middle of Mead Street. A new Largs Station opened west of the previous one.
1911SemaphoreCoffee Palace, EsplanadeWondergraph Café Evancourt
1911SemaphoreMasonic Buildings at 66 Semaphore Road opened.
1911SemaphoreOzone Amusements Ltd was formed by local bookseller and stationer Hugh Waterman; grocers Les and Horrie Warn; stationmaster Chris Flaherty and electrician Jim Woods. The firm started leasing the Semaphore and Port Adelaide Town Halls for screening films.,
1912RosewaterAdelaideRadio (VIA) maritime radio station system, the sixth built in Australia and one of 19 around the country. Opened 1 October 1912 it operated from 8am to midnight every day of the week, and was one of the first points of contact for ships sailing south from Hong Kong and Japan. Apart from its major function of listening for ships' messages, Adelaide also handled traffic to and from the State telegraph system, and broadcast time signals to shipping.Oct1By 1963 the rapid industrialisation of the Rosewater area had increased electrical interference to the point where a move to a new site became necessary and the operation was moved to McLaren Vale where it operated until 1993 when it was shut down.
1912SemaphoreThe Wonga Shoal Lighthouse was knocked over by the three-masted barque “Dimsdale” on 17 November and the two keepers drowned.,Nov19Keepers Franson and Gowan drowned. Lightouse never rebuilt, an automatic light was mounted on the remains of the old structure until 1963.
1912PortlandDeep drainage for sewerage, Commenced
1912SemaphoreSavings Bank of South Australia opened on Semaphore Road.,
1913SemaphoreChurch of Christ at 242 Military Road opened.Mar1Unsure of date closed
1913Albert Park
Port Adelaide
Metropolitan Tramways Trust (MTT) purchased the Albert Park - Port Adelaide horse car line for 4,000 poundsAug22
1913BirkenheadR. T. Searles' Shipyard, Jenkins StreetNow Cent. Slip
1913Port AdelaideSalvation Army Hall, 84 Lipson StreetPowerhouse P.
1913Port AdelaideOzone Theatre opened, 1st purpose built movie Theatre1968 Close '79 demolished
1913Port AdelaidePort Adelaide News, Re-established1933 ceased publishing
1913Port AdelaideCoast Steamships, Formed from Gulf Steamship & West Coast Shipping . vessel Quorna subsidiary of .ASCL
1913Port AdelaideWest Coast Shipping, Wandana 1913 was Spencer Gulf trader
1913Port AdelaideWeston Milling Co., still operating today on Thomas' old site.
1913SemaphoreSemaphore Lewis Lodge (Masonic) formed.,
1914Port AdelaideThe Harbours Act, 1913 proclaimed. South Australian Harbors Board established, private wharves acquired.Mar26An act to provide for the acquisition by theCrown of wharves and water frontages and similar properties. Act Reserved December 18th 1913
1914Outer Harbor10th Battalion embarked bound for World War I in Europe on SS Ascanius at 4:30 p.m.Oct20Total embarked 1004 made up of 31 officers, 969 men, 2 Sister Nurses, 1 YMCA representative & one man in excess of establishment. The same day the Transport Officer Lieut. Trevor Owen Smyth & 22 transport men embarked on SALDANHA in charge of 108 horses. Five horses for WA – 11th Batt Infantry and 5 horses for 10th Batt Infantry on embarked on ‘Ascanius’.
1914Port AdelaideFirst sod Elec. Tram Track, Mayor I. H. CloustonNov2Commencment of laying of tram tracks from the Jervois Bridge through Port Adelaide to Albert Park annd Rosewater,
1914Port AdelaideRobe. Kingston etc., After WW1 ASC stopped SE trade to Robe Kingston Beachport
1914Port AdelaideLefevre District High School closed.
1914LargsSt Albans Anglican Church,
1914BirkenheadAdelaide Cement Company becomes operational.Becomes Brighton Cement in 1971
1914Port AdelaideLast New Year's Day Regatta.Regattas had been held fairly regularly since the 1860's
1914Port AdelaideEyre Yorke Pen., After WW1 ASC stepped up service to Eyre & Yorke Peninsulas instead of SE trade
1914Port AdelaideFisher Bridge, Now Ocean Steamers Road runs over
1914Port AdelaideScharzfels, German prize vessel Scharzfels renamed Araluen for Adelaide Steamship Company.
1914SemaphoreSemaphore Buildings completed. (Adjoin the Semaphore Hotel),
1914SemaphoreTwo-storey kiosk on the inner T-head of the jetty opened 24 December. It included a restaurant; accommodation for the lessee and a dance hall upstairs.Damaged by fire 10 March 1947 and removed in 1948.
1914BirkenheadDarling's Wharf constructed, on Birkenhead side of the river opposite Queen's Wharf.The last timber wharf built in Port Adelaide by private enterprise.
1915Port AdelaideA referendum to close Hotels at 6 p.m. was held. The majority of voters voted YES.28From 1915 to 1967 bars and hotels in South Australia closed at 6p.m..
1915AlbertonAlberton Cheer Up Society formed in October, to provide for "The Comfort and entertainment of Soldiers and Sailors".Oct
1915RosewaterRedhill Bridge Opened, Grand Junction Road Railway Overpass.Nov14
1915Port Adelaide
Railway bridge over the Port river completed.
1915GlanvilleThornton Bridge West Of Jervois Bridge.Bridge over the Railway line
1915SemaphoreCatholic Church at 253 Military Road dedicated.
1915Port AdelaideFirst 2 Policewomen employed in South AustraliaThe first in the Bitish empire.
1916Port AdelaideCommercial Road Railway Station opened.May1Demolished and reconstructed in 1971
1916Port AdelaideVacuum Oil Co. Fire Todd Street,Dec
1916BirkenheadNaval Drill Hall Fletcher Road Completed 1919,
1916Port AdelaideSA Club Hotel, Bucknall proprietor of South Australian Club Hotel
1916Port AdelaideSA Company Wharf , McLaren Wharf
1916SemaphoreSemaphore to Outer Harbor railway re-routed via Commercial Road Station; replacing the route via St Vincent St and the original Jervois Bridge.,
1916AlbertonAlberton Drill Hall opened in Kent Street (now 20-32 Sussex Street)Closed in 1996 and later demolished.
1917Port Adelaide
Albert Park
Port Adelaide electric tramway system servicing Semaphore, Rosewater and Albert Park opened 3 April; service to Largs opened 15 May. The Semaphore route was via St Vincent and Hart Streets, Military and Semaphore Roads.Apr3This replaced the horse drawn Albert Park to Port Adelaide Tram.
System closed 27 July 1935.
1917SemaphoreSemaphore Swimming Baths on the jetty destroyed by a severe storm on 18 July.Jul18Jetty was 652 metres long
1917Port AdelaideMinnie a Caine caught fire at Corporation WharfSep3Scuttled to prevent further damage, but A. McFarlane & Sons repaired the schooner "satisfactorily" by January 1918
1917Port AdelaideSewers connected, Also Portland Alberton & Queenstown
1917ExeterSignal cabin installed to control trams crossing the railway track at Exeter.
1917AlbertonSewers connected in Alberton.
1917SemaphoreWar Memorial Arch, Semaphore JettyEntrance
1917PortlandSewers connected in Portland.
1917LargsThe Largs Bay Progressive Association was formed.
1917Port AdelaideWoodblocking of Port Road began with one gang in Adelaide working their way towards Port Adelaide and another gang in Port Adelaide working toward Adelaide.
1918Port AdelaideWorkers' memorial erected Statue added 1921.
1918Port AdelaideEnd of World War I; 1000 homes Scheme started; State Bank Homes built around Port Adelaide, including Rosewater and Penington.
1918Port AdelaideGovernment subsidy given to enable the institute to dispense education as cheaply as possible.
1918Port AdelaidePortland canal shortened at eastern end.
1919OsborneAdelaide electric Supply co Ltd obtained land at osborne, on the Port River, to establish a new Power House.May9
1919GlanvilleHarbors Board Employee Memorial, at DockyardOct17
1919EtheltonGlanville Public School, Renamed Ethelton 1892
1919LargsLargs Bay Adjunct School opened, in Naval Drill Shed as an outreach of Lefevres Peninsula Public School.Moved in 1924 to Fletcher Road as Largs Bay Primary School.
1919Port AdelaideMethodist conference determined that Port Adelaide Church should become a central Methodist Mission.Rev. F. W. Basher to organise the venture.
1919SemaphoreBandstand on the foreshore north of the jetty was erected by the Municipal Tramways Trust for use by the Tramways Band.Donated to Port Adelaide Council 1924-25; demolished 1970s.
1919LargsA mounted Police Constable was Stationed at Largs
1919Port AdelaideEducation department allowed local board of health to convert Port Adelaide public school to an isolation hospitalfor the treatment of victims of the worldwide influenza epidemic.
1920GlanvilleGlanville Brewery purchased, by E. W. BronsonMay24Sold bus. 1975
1920Port AdelaideHarbors Board building in Lipson Street, Timeball above.Timeball discontinued 1932
1920SemaphoreHotel extended with 3rd floor,
1920Port AdelaideNavigation Act, This Act severely disadvantaged local Australian Shipping lines in competition with Overseas reg. vessels
1920SemaphoreF.S. Harrington’s drapery on Semaphore Rd opened. (Closed 1973),
1920SemaphoreWondergraph Picture Palace on Semaphore Rd opened 22 May with 1246 seats. (Became Odeon Star 1952; closed 1976; reopened 1991),
1920BirkenheadThe oil storage tanks and accompaning wharves were built in late 192, the first being for Vacum Oil, then C.O.R. (BP) and Texaco
1921Port AdelaideThe Workers Memorial erected at the corner of Commercial Road and St Vincents Street, was unveiled.Sep17
1921LargsOil bore on Jetty, Mayor Lewis opensOct29
1921BirkenheadAdelaide Cement Co. Wharf, Completed 1922
1921Port AdelaidePoole & Steel, Osborne Shipbuilders Eurimbla 1921. Euwarra 1922. Eugowra 1923 (originally Erina)
1921SemaphoreSemaphore Girl Guides formed.
1921Port AdelaideLloyd's Timber Mill started on 5 acres of land
1922RosewaterWar Memorial Unveiled at Reserve (SthW. Cnr).Apr15
1922SemaphoreSemaphore Bathing Pavilion and Palais opened on the foreshore.Dec23Designed to accommodate over 500 bathers; it also included a kiosk; dance hall, roof garden and observation tower.
1922TaperooMethodist Church
1922SemaphorePalais Ballroom/Bathing, ForeshoreNow hotel
1922AlbertonMarist Brothers, Move from Port
1922AlbertonAlberon Church United Football, Club formed
1922Port AdelaideStar Theatre opened in Port Adelaide.Closed in 1960
1922Port AdelaideAerial Service, Year that first fledgling air services began
1923SemaphoreSemaphore and Port Adelaide Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia (now R.S.L.) Sub Branch formed.,Sep4
1923LargsFirst local Police Station opened in rented premises at 483 Military road.
1923Port AdelaideSwim Through Port Carnival, Initiated long swim
1923OsborneFirst Osborne (A) Power Station on line.Osborne 'A' Power Station was opened in August 1923 by the Adelaide Electric Supply Company, who leased 24 acres of swamp land on the Harbors Board for an 84-year term.  The boilers in this power station used black coal imported from New South Wales, but was later modified to burn the poorer quality Leigh Creek, South Australia coal.
1924LargsLargs Girls School was opened in Alexander Street, by Miss Jane McInnes and Miss Edith Slater on 12 February.Feb12Renamed Largs Girls college in 1936.
Outer Harbor
Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron (RSAYS) moves from Birkenhead to Outer Harbor.Nov24
1924LargsLargs Bay Primary School opened on Fletcher Road.
1924AlbertonOzone Theatre opened, 33 Fussell PlaceClosed 1961
1924Port AdelaideFire and explosion on SS City of Singapore in No.2 Dock kills three firemen.No.2 Dock was named Tragedy Dock, but not because of the City of Singapore Fire alone, other death in Dock 2 before 1924
1925SemaphoreSoldiers Memorial on the foreshore near the jetty unveiled on 24 May (Empire Day), by Liet. Col L. D. Betts OBEMay24
1925Outer HarborItalian seaplane visit, Marchess dePinedoJun8
1925AlbertonRoyal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (R.A.O.B.) Hall was opened at the corner of Parket Street and Port Road.Aug23
1925Port AdelaideMunicipal Band, ReformedOct13
1925LargsLargs Bay Masonic Lodge first met on 6th December in the Semaphore Masonic Building, 66 Semaphore Road.Dec6
1925Port AdelaideMarine Board of South Australia abolished, and powers transferred to South Australian Harbors Board
1925LargsLargs Service Station opened by Don McIvor at 386 Military Road.
1925SemaphoreFederal Hotel, Remodelled frontage
1925Port AdelaideSoldiers' Market opened, 200 Commercial RdLasted to 1943
1925PeterheadPresbyterian Church, St Luke's Hall
1925Outer HarborPolice Station,
1925Port AdelaideMulcra, ASC's first oil fuelled cargo vessel Operated until 1961
1925Port AdelaideSarnia Timber Mill, Established by Theophilus Hack and Peter LeMessurier. Then Robins Timber Yard. then Walter & Morris
1925SemaphoreCentral School established at Lefevre’s Peninsula Primary School with Girls and Boys Departments. (The latter was the genesis of Lefevre Boys Technical School which ultimately became Lefevre High School.),Tech Sch.1940
1925SemaphoreSemaphore District Traders’ Association established 5 February.,
1926Port AdelaideFirst Bus service from Adelaide to Port Adelaide, Semaphore and Largs by Municipal Tramways Trust commenced.Apr5Terminated at albert Park in 1930, connecting with the Tram. Extended to Port Adelaide in 1934 and to Semaphore and Largs in 1935, as the Tram service was progressively reduced.
1926CheltenhamCaire family fatality, 5 deaths Cheltenham railway crossing.Apr30
1926BirkenheadSecond Methodist Church, Gunn/Wells Streets Cr.AprCeased 1990
1926Port AdelaideWaterside Workers' Hall, 11 Nile StreetDec5Foundation stone
1926LargsFord Motor Company established at Largs Bay.On the corner of Jetty and Victoria Roads.
1926LargsA Bandstand was erected on the Largs foreshore, just north of the Jetty.
1926BirkenheadGeneral Motors Holden established,Demolished 19??
1926SemaphoreSlippery Dip/Helter Skelter, On Foreshore
1926BirkenheadMethodist Church,
1926GlanvilleDisastrous Fire at CSR refinery, damage estimated at 100,000 pounds.
1926AlbertonArthur Wadlow established Wadlow Timber Merchants.Yard opened in coburg Road Alberton.
1927RosewaterMount Carmel Boys' School, Newcastle StreetJan
1927CheltenhamUnveiling of the Firemans' memorial at CheltenhamMar20
1927Port AdelaideDuke and Duchess of York visitMay3
1927Port AdelaidePort Road up track opened
1927LargsLargs Bay Dinghy Club formed.Renamed Largs Bay Sailing Club in 1949.
1927LargsLargs Bay Women's Hockey Club formed.Went into recess in 1981
1927Alberton1st Yatala Boy Scouts' Hall, Queen Street
1927Port AdelaideSmith Motor Company, Premises Comm. Rd
1927PortlandTimber yard fire, Near Canal
1927RosewaterRailway Marshalling Yards, New Kingston
1927Port AdelaideMinnipa, went aground in 1928. A profitable vessel until 1960, when it had become too small for interstate trade,
1927Largs1st Largs Bay Sea Scouts formed.
1928Port AdelaideNew Post Office in St Vincent street officially OpenedMar19
1928Port AdelaideWaterside Workers' strike.SepWhen workers refused to accept the "Beeby Award" The Government introduced volunteer labour to break the strike. Tension mounted on the waterfront resulting in full scale battle between Waterside Workers and the Police. The Port Dock Railway Station was used as an ambulance center for casualties. Themounted Police constabulary were stationed at the so called volunteer camp organised at Dock 1, at a timber yard owned and run by Lewis and Reed.
1928Port AdelaidePasses issued to allow people on the Whaves.Oct1
1928Port AdelaideMasonic Lodge. Second hall, Comm. Rd/LipsonOct161st meeting
1928SemaphoreLutheran Church,Oct
1928Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Football Club win the Grand Final.
1928Outer HarborMission To Seamen,
1928PortlandRiverside Football Club formed,
1928QueenstownSeventh Day Adventist Church, Webb Street Queenstown.Renamed Queenstown church in 1969 and replaced by present church in 1970
1928LargsSecond Methodist Church opened at 477 Military Road.Closed 1989
1928Largs1st Largs Scout Troop formed, E. C. Barney.Disbanded 1998.
1928PortlandMontpelier Square, Children's Playground,
1928Port AdelaideRAF Southampton Seaplanes + 1 RAAF land in Port River,
1928Port AdelaideGovernment Ships, This was the year Govt. sold all vessels to White Star Line. Out of Shipping Trade.
1928Port AdelaideLargs Bay Sailing Club formed. First commodore Tom Fisher,
1928OsborneGas Works opened at Osborne by SAGASCO
1929Port AdelaideSome 300 or more Waterside Workers marched through the streets of Port Adelaide in protest over the use of volunteer labour.Jan11
1929Port AdelaideSubscribers concerts held regularly in the Port Adelaide Town Hall by the Port Adelaide Orpheus Society.
1929Port AdelaideManunda, Built in 1926 entered service With Adelaide Steam in 1929 interstate coastal trade
1929Port AdelaideManunda, Sunk 1 ketch and damaged 2 others in serious berthing accident
1929Largs NorthWork started on the Esplanade, north of Roslyn Street, Largs North.
1929Port AdelaideMoonta, joined fleet did Gulf Trips
1929Port AdelaideWestralia, Opposition to Adelaide Steam on Coastal interstate trade
1929Port AdelaideW M Thomas & Co., Leadenhall Street. Later took over Harrison's Mill in 1888
1929Port AdelaideYatala, An area near Alberton and Rosewater
1929SemaphoreSoldiers Memorial Hall and Institute Library at 10 Semaphore Rd opened 7 December.,
1929SemaphoreFormer Semaphore Town Hall remodelled as an Ozone Theatre and opened 9 December. It sat about 1100. (Theatre refurbished in 1952 following Hoyts Theatres Ltd acquiring a substantial financial interest in 24 of Waterman Bros Ozone theatres. It closed in 1960.),
1929Port AdelaideWork starts on the reconstruction, in concrete, of Ocean Steamers Wharves (No 18, 19,20)Was timber construction.
1930Port Adelaide
Bus route from Port Adelaide to Birkenhead.Feb1
1930Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Corporation £42,450/ 4/11 in debt, due mainly to money spent creationg employment.Feb21
1930Port AdelaideAntartic Exploration Party arrives to a Civic reception.Apr1
1930Port AdelaideOfficial opening of the Mothers and Babies Association Portland CottageApr21Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), Friday 23 May 1930, page 6
The cottage at Portland which has been placed at the disposal of the Port Adelaide branch of the Mothers and Babies' Health Association, was occupied yesterday for the first time, sister Kimber was in charge, and was assisted by a member of the local committee, one of whom will help the nurse daily. In the afternoon about 100 mothers and their children visited the centre. They were welcomed by the branch president (Mrs. H. Covemton), and voiced their feelings of gratefulness for the splendid facilities which had been provided. After an inspection of the place, the visitors were entertained at afternoon tea by the branch.
1930Port AdelaideMoonta, Popular Moonta acquired by ASCL
1930PortlandLog Pound constructed, Mouth of Canal
1930SemaphoreBack to Semaphore Celebrations held and 64 page souvenir booklet written and compiled by JE Trotman for the Back to Semaphore Committee published.,
1931Port AdelaideBeef Riot!. A march from Port Adelaide to Adelaide protesting the withdrawal of Beef from the ration allowance. A riot began and 17 people were injured. Other processions were held over this matter, but they were peacfulJan19
1931OttowayCongregational Church, Red brick buildingDec
1931RosewaterFirst Housing Trust homes, 35-37 McNicol Terrace.
1932Port AdelaideFlagstaff removed from the wharf at the end of Commercial Road.Aug5Dismantled & fell
1932Port AdelaideStrassfort Fire, Tragedy DockSep20
1932Port AdelaideWanganella, Opposition to Adelaide Steam on Coastal interstate trade
1932SemaphoreTimeball service ceased 31 January. (Superseded by wireless telegraphy),
1932Port AdelaideWheat shipping firms first experimented with the bulk loading of wheat at Port Adelaide. The elevating convyor usually used to handle coal for the Metropolitan Tramways trust was used to load the wheat.
1933Port AdelaideDecision to make Port Road Plantations reserve into a stretch of gardens.JulOriginally reserved by Colonel Light for a canal to take shipping into Adelaide.
1933Port AdelaideInstitute Museum reorganised, to Nautical Museum
1933Port AdelaideDepression. 33.2% no work,
1934Albert ParkLast electric Trams ran on the Port Adelaide System, replaced by busses.Nov11
1934CheltenhamEx Navalmen's Assoc., Until 1940 then to old Savings Bank Lipson St.
1934LargsMagpie Hockey Club was formed.Renamed Largs Bay Hockey Club in 1937 and as Port Adelaide District Hockey Club in 1949 when it combined with Motors Limited Hockey Club.
1935SemaphoreElectric tram service from Port Adelaide closed 27 July and was replaced with petrol buses as an interim measure.Jul27
1935LargsElectric tram service from Port Adelaide.Jul27
1935Port AdelaideRobinson Bridge Closed, No. 1 DockMarchDemolished October 1935, closed March 1935
1935Port AdelaideModel purchased, Council Chambers.
1935SemaphoreSemaphore/Largs TocH, Formed
1935Port AdelaideDuntroon, Opposition to Adelaide Steam on Coastal interstate trade
1935Port AdelaideEclipse Flour Mill, Honey Street at Commercial Wharf Dunn built it
1935Port AdelaideKanimbla, Opposition to Adelaide Steam on Coastal Interstate Trade
1935Port AdelaideManoora, popular vessel with Adelaide Steamship Company, interstate coastal trade
1935Port AdelaideManoora, First passenger orientated vessel. Open decks. dance space. etc.
1935Port AdelaideMcLaren Wharf, Adelaide Steamship Company moved here from Commercial Wharf.
1935Port AdelaideMiller & Spiller, Mill operating in Baker Street
1935Port AdelaideMiller's Produce Mill, Honey Street site flour Mill
1935SemaphoreSemaphore & Largs Toc H founded.,
1935Port AdelaideCompany Dock filled in.Was dug in 1880
1935OsborneI.C.I. Limited, a British company, decided to set up a large Alkali works at Port Adelaide to produce chemicals for Australian industries.
1936Outer Harbor
Lady Gowrie Drive officially named and opened, running from Largs Bay to the Outer Harbor.Sep16A centenary Year project, that commenced on July 19th 1935, 400 Norfolk Island pines had been planted along Lady Gowrie Drive.
1936AlbertonPatrick's Square fountain,
1936GlanvilleWaterloo Bridge Lamp, Pres. to CouncilBirkenhead. Br. orig.
1936SemaphoreCentenary Regatta, part of the South Australian Centenary
1937OsborneStart of building of the wharf at Osborne for I.C.A.N.Z. South Australia Branch.Janlater to become I.C.I. of Australia
1937Outer HarborMelbourne. Steamship Duntroon, Fire Outer HarborMar1
1937RosewaterR.S.S. & A.I.L.A. Sub, Branch Granted CharterMar10
1937GlanvilleTrains collide at GlanvilleSep11
Outer Harbor
Semaphore Signal Station adjacent to the Timeball Tower superseded by one at the Outer Harbor.,
1937Port AdelaideDuco Plant built 67 Lipson Street,
1937LargsLargs Bay Hockey Club To Port Adel. In 1948,
1937AlbertonConvent, Girl's School
Port Adelaide
An electric trolley bus service from Adelaide via Port Adelaide to Semaphore and Largs, following similar routes to the former trams began 3 April.Apr3
1938BirkenheadCentral Slip shifted to next to Fletcher's slip.This move was to allow the construction of the Birkenhead Bridge.
1938QueenstownPrince of Wales Hotel, Current façade
1938Port AdelaideMorialta, Ship ordered for ASC. Not delivered because of War
1939Port AdelaideCorp. Flagstaff removed, Donated to Boy Sc.May11st Kensington
1939Port AdelaideSilent Cop, Black Diam. Cr Third one in 1939Sep5Removed 1968 Nile St. Entrance
1939Port AdelaideCheerup Hut in Council Cha., Council Offer To west of Memorial
1939SemaphoreProtector gun moved,
1939Port AdelaideMunicipal Offices completed,
1939Port AdelaideLion Timber Mill burnt down
1940Port AdelaideInaugural Meeting of the Cheerup Hut Committee.Jun26
1940Port AdelaideBirkenhead Bridge completed.Dec14Opened
1940OsborneICI alkali factory operational.
1940BirkenheadLeFevre Boys Junior Technical School opened; replaced Central School.
1941Port AdelaideA new hotel was built south of the original and opened as the New Exchange Hotel at, 1 Commercial Road Port Adelaide.Mar4Changed name to the Lighthouse Hotel in 1987.
1941SemaphoreNew red brick Semaphore Railway Station building opened west of the Post Office.Oct29Closed in 1978 and later demolished
1941Outer HarborPilot Station, New Pilot Station at Outer Harbor in 1941 alongside Signal Station opened in 1937.
1942Port AdelaideMorialta, HMAS Morialta used for Review of Fleet by King George VI.
1942Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Central School becomes Port Adelaide Primary School.
1943Largs NorthBus service extended to Largs NorthNov1
1944LargsFormer Largs Girls College in Alexander Street Closed. Re opened as St Albans Girls School in 1945. Incorporated as St Albans Church of England Girls Grammar School in 1947Closed 1967
1944Port AdelaideMorialta, Hit by mine during war service. Did not sink. Repaired but did not finally arrive in SA until 1946.
1946Port AdelaideCheer up Hut Apprec. Social, For 320 VolunteersFeb9Final Function
1946EtheltonSwimming Club Mem. Hndcp, W. PetersonNov25He died in WWII
1946PortlandEmbankment demolished, Fill for Port Adelaide Reserve
1946Portland13 acres purchased to extend, Port Adelaide Reserve
1947SemaphoreJetty Kiosk fire, DestroyedMar11
1947PortlandPortland Sub Branch of R.S.S.& A.I.L.A. (R.S.L.) charteredApr11
1947OsbornePower delivered from "B" StationApr26
1947LargsLargs Bay Sub Branch of R.S.S.& A.I.L.A. (R.S.L.) Chartered
1947PortlandTown Rubbish Tip Closed,
1948Outer HarborWansford Coal FireJun10
1948BirkenheadAtlantic Air , Greek Freighter Chilean NitratesSep2Fire
1948AlbertonSection 443 (134 acres, 54 Ha) bought for £900 by Edward Stevens and subdivided as Queens Town
1948Outer HarborWillesden, Fire At Sea
1948LargsLargs Bay Branch of the Country Women's Association formed.Believed to be the first metropolitan branch.
1948PortlandMontpelier Square, Children's Playgr'd Re-established
1948PortlandRugby ground formed, Port Adelaide Reserve
1948Port AdelaideBarcoo, Navy survey vessel Barcoo aground off Glenelg in 1948
1948Port AdelaideBlue Sheaf Mill Co., probably Lipson St. St. Vincent Street corner
1948Port AdelaideBucknall, Lost his life on the Waratah
1949Port AdelaideGreater Port Adelaide Plan announced by SAHB, Including West Lakes and North Haven.
1950Port AdelaidePort Adelaide ship's bell, Presented to Port Adelaide Council.Jan17
1950SemaphoreLefevre Community Hospital, Draft constitution adopted at a public meeting, this replaced Wolverton.Sep1June '95 closed
1950SemaphoreColes Variety Store Opened,Closed 1974
1950Port AdelaideMoonta, Gulf Trip with Moonta ended 1955
1950Port AdelaideQuorna, Used by RAAF as bombing practice. End of Quorna off Kangaroo Island.,
1950SemaphoreColes Variety Store opened at 31 Semaphore Road.Closed 1974
1951BirkenheadMemorial Cairn erected by the employers of the LeFevre Peninsula, in front of the MBHA on Fletcher Road Birkenhead, in recognition of "their" employees involved in World War II.May5
1951Port AdelaideMessenger newspaper commences.
1951LargsBelmont Hospital opened at 184 Esplanade Largs.Circa 1951
1952SemaphoreSemaphore Retail Traders’ Association formed 18 November.Nov18
1952Albert ParkOldfields Bakeries Combine, New Plant.Dec
1952SemaphoreWondergraph changes to, Odeon Star Theatre
1953SemaphoreMariner's Memorial,Apr29
1953SemaphoreStorm damages Semaphore and Largs jetty.May18
1953LargsLargs Bay Jetty badly damaged in severe storm.May18Rebuilt as a narrower and taller structure circa 1957.
1953PortlandGirls' Technical School, Wooden classrooms
1953TaperooTaperoo Primary School established,
1954Port AdelaideMeals on Wheels began, Off Langham Place
1954PortlandPortland Canal, Filling began
1955LargsMothers & Babies' Centre, Fletcher RoadApr5
1955PenningtonFlinders Hotel, 174 Junction RoadOct8Renamed Grand Junction Hotel in 2002
1955Port AdelaideCouncil Centenary Until 1956,
1956LargsSt Albans Parish Hall opened in Musgrave Street.May31
1956SemaphoreNational Bank opened at 32 Semaphore Road.Closed 18 April 2001.
1956Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Bus depot constructed.
1957Largs400 seat Largs Methodist Youth Centre was opened to the north of the Church.Dec8
1957Port AdelaideAO Foresters Lodge building on corner of Ship street & St Vincents streets, opened by Bro. Hon. C.G. ConlonDec14
1957TaperooHotel Osborne, 481 Victoria Road TaperooDec17Renamed Boathouse in 2000 and redeveloped as the Peninsula 2021
1957PortlandKindergarten opened, Wellington Street
1957SemaphoreNational Bank Opened.
1957Port AdelaideAdelaide Ship Con., ASCL subsidiary Adelaide Ship Construction began operations 1957 closed 1973
1958OsborneThe Harbourline Drive-In Theatre at Osborne, opened.Nov16Closed 16 May 1982, see image at SLSA_B 70890/35
1958SemaphoreClosure of the Adelaide Tramway system.Nov22Last Tram to Cheltenham.
1958SemaphoreGawler to Semaphore Sunday Beach Service by train commenced.Dec7
1958Port AdelaideLoft Cranes built by Gibb & Miller for No. 13 & 14 BerthsDec7
1958Port AdelaideNautical Museum, collection moved to St. Vincent Street. Curator was Vernon Smith. ,Closed 1979
1959Neptune IslandMV Yandra founders in the Neptune Island area.Jan24All Hands Safe
1959Port AdelaideThe last mob of sheep to walk from Port Adelaide to Gepps Cross.Feb7
1959Port AdelaideThe last mob of sheep to walk from Gepps Cross to Port Adelaide.Feb8
1960Port AdelaideTrolleybus via Birkenhead Br.,Aug29
1960PortlandPrinces Street Reserve, Sold to Housing Tr.
1960BirkenheadAdelaide Ship Construction Ltd. Established.Closed August 1973
1960PortlandLeMessuriers move from Port Adelaide to Port Road.Site sold 2003
1960TaperooTaperoo High School established.
1960SemaphoreCommonwealth Bank opened.Closed 30 March 2001
1960SemaphoreSemaphore Squash Centre opened at 24 Semaphore Road.,
1960SemaphoreSemaphore Ozone Theatre closed 21 May.,
1960BirkenheadShell Chemical was opened.
1961AlbertonAlberton Ozone Theatre closed.Feb23Became Tom the Cheap supermarket in 1964
1961LargsSecond St Albans Church was opened on Jetty Road.
1961Port AdelaideTroubridge, Roll on Roll off Ship begins route to Port Lincoln and Kingscote Kangaroo Island,
1961SemaphoreWoolworths Semaphore Supermarket opened.Became Triple Seven 1986; later IGA.
1961LargsSouth Australian Police Force establishetraining academy at Fort Largs.
1962QueenstownSlavic Evangelical Baptist Church, 11 Broad St, Queenstown opened.Congregation formed 1950.
1962Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Girls Technical High School Moved to Portland Road from Grand Junction road.Renamed Port Adelaide High School in 1974, became Port Adelaide Girls High School in 1990 and closed in 1995
1962BirkenheadTorpedo Station 6" gun situated on the Birkenhead reserve.Now called Birkenhead Naval Reserve.
1963Port AdelaideBower Road Causeway, Linked Old Port road with Bower Road.
1963Port AdelaidePort Dock Station Demolished, Police Station opened on this site in 1992
1963Port AdelaidePrinces Wharf, Bend of the River North Parade / Mundy Street Corner
1963Port AdelaideQueens Wharf, Where lighthouse is now
1963Semaphore‘Permanent’ sideshow stalls constructed on the foreshore south of the jetty.,
1963SemaphoreGeoff Taylor’s book ‘Sir’ published. (It centres on Taylor’s schooldays at Rhaiadore Grammar School in the 1930s when the Signal Station was located across the road. The school was conducted in Richard Jagoe’s former home, see 1882 above, to which it had relocated from Stirling in 1932. Taylor called the school St David’s in his book.),
1964Port Adelaide
Electric Trolley bus service from Adelaide to Port Adelaide, Semaphore and Largs ceased.Jul12
1964Port AdelaideMrs Anna Rennie elected Mayor, City of Port Adelaide.First Female Mayor of Port Adelaide, retired as Mayor in 1969.
1964TaperooColes Supermarket opened.Closed 1984, reopened as BILO in 1985
1964LargsDunn's Shop at 449 Military Road closed.
1965BirkenheadHMAS Encounter commisionedMar1Decommisioned 21/3/1994
1965BirkenheadHMAS Encounter CommisionedMar1Decommisioned 21/3/1994
1965Port AdelaideGarden Island Bridge, North ArmJun
1965BirkenheadAdelaide Chemical and Fertiliser Co. and Wallaroo Fertilisers Ltd merge to become Adelaide Wallaroo Fertilisers Inc.Nov12
1965GlanvilleMunicipal Band Hall, Phillips Reserve Swan Terrace.Dec1
1965AlbertonSlavic Independent (now Evangelical Pentecostal Church) at 97 New StreetDec24Church burnt down 18 January 1988, new church dedicated 24 December 1989.
1965Port AdelaideLong Swim Through Port, Last eventRiver polluted
1965BirkenheadGMH Birkenhead ceased production, FriFriday, August 13, at 4.03 p.m.
1965PeterheadAustbuilt Maritime Museum, 95 Fletcher Road PeterheadCreated by Keith LeLeu
1966Torrens IslandConstruction underway for Torrens Island Power Station.
1967Torrens IslandA' Power Station came on line.AprFirst Turbo-Generator
1967Port AdelaideColes Supermarket opened.
1967Largs NorthLargs North Primary School opened.
1967Port AdelaideDepartment Marine & Harbor, replaces Harbors Board.
1967LargsLargs North Primary School,
1967LargsSt Albans Church of England Grammar School closed.
1968OsborneLast operation of the Osborne "A" Power Station.OctAfter 45 years of service.
1968TaperooAssemblies of God,
1968West LakesWestlakes scheme announced.
1969Port AdelaideTraffic lights installed on Black Diamond CornerJanCorner of St Vincent Street & Commercial Road Port Adelaide
Port Adelaide
The original Jervois Bridge was closed to traffic on 28 July and two lanes of the New Jervois Bridge opened for traffic. The completed bridge was made of pre-stressed reinforced concrete, was officially opened 22 December.,Dec22Premier Steele Hall "open" the third Jervois Bridge.
1969Port AdelaideMoomba Natural Gas on-line.Dec22Conversion of Appliance continued until 1970. The Gas Company continued to supply coke to ICI
1969Port AdelaideA Berth Wharf Shed Demolished ,
1969BirkenheadLefevre Primary School, 2 storey building built.
1969QueenstownMyers started seeking land at Queenstown for a regional shopping centre.Eventually this resulted in a large proportion of the triangle of land bounded by Port and Old Port Roads and Tapleys Hill Rd being cleared of housing and new houses being built when the State Government did not allow the shopping centre to be constructed.
1969TaperooLutheran Church.
1969LargsThe Rotary Club of Largs Bay formed.
1969SemaphoreSemaphore District Traders’ Association formed 26 May.,
1969SemaphoreLions Club of Lefevre Peninsula formed.
1970Port AdelaidePolaris Oil Survey Ship Fire, No. 1 BerthJan7
1970RosewaterWoolworths Supermarket opened.
1970RosewaterFire Station Opened.
1970PortlandRechabite Hall sold to investor,
1970Port AdelaideSeventh Day Adventist Church.,
1970Lefevre PeninsulaF. A. Vickery Hall, built at LeFevre Boys' Tech High School.,
1970Port AdelaideCruising Yacht Club formed.,
1971Torrens IslandCompletion of the 4 units of the Torrens island "A" station.Mar
1971Port AdelaideAnnie Watt Purchased by the Ketch Preservation Society.,
1972Port AdelaidePedestrian lights installed on Grand junction road for the Port Adelaide Primary School.,Feb9Mayor Martin
1972OttowayNew E. & W.S. Foundry, Pipe production moved From Glanville.,Mar28
1972Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Historical Society formed.Apr27
1972Port AdelaideMetropolitan Tramways Trust Control Box removed Black Diamond Corner.,Jun21
1972BirkenheadPolice Station Closing Announced,Sep13
1972QueenstownPolice Station Closing Announced,Sep13
1972AlbertonMaughan Thiem takeover Bowden Ford Prem.,Sep201013 Port Rd.
1972Port AdelaideArchway Port, Dale St. Rehab. CentOct4New Premises
1972ExeterBeehive Corner (Sem4 Rd.), Demolishment NoticeNov29Emblem to PAHS
1972Port AdelaideSmith Motors 50th Anniversary,Dec6
1972Port AdelaideTug Fearless Welcomed to Port,Dec20
1972North HavenNorth Haven development announced.
1972Port AdelaideShowboat Lady Chelmsford began operating.
1972LargsLutheran Church,
1972Port AdelaideTroubridge, South Australian Government purchased vessel as Adelaide Steamship Company Limited out of the shipping business.
1972Port AdelaideVerco's Flour Mill, Honey Street.
1973Outer HarborOuter Harbor Passenger Terminal opened.
1973SemaphoreF. S. Harrington’s drapery at 124 Semaphore Road (second site) closed after 53 years of trading.,
1974GlanvilleExeter Hall Purchased By Mr Keith LeLeu,
1974GlanvilleAnnie Watt at Corner of Semaphore & Causeway roads.
1974Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Community Welfare Consultative Council formed.Later became Community Development Board.
1975West Lakes ShoreLegtrap Hotel, built on Bartley Terrace,Nov20
1975Semaphore ParkSemaphore Park Primary School established.
1975Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Centre Joint Committee formed to Oversee redevelopment of central Port Adelaide.
1975SemaphoreFormer Customs Boarding Station saved from demolition after a prolonged campaign.
1976LargsLargs Bay Police Station Closed.Jun12
1976LargsMini Tornado at Largs Bay, in December damaged over 20 homes.Dec
1976SemaphoreOdeon Star Cinema Closed.
1976Port AdelaideInformation Centre established.
1976SemaphoreColonel JC Lovely’s former home at 89 Esplanade (south corner of Dunn Street); a local landmark with sculptures of a kangaroo and emu flanking its entrance stairs; was demolished.
1976Port AdelaideNew Port Adelaide Central Mission building completed.
1977Outer HarborOuter Harbor Container Terminal opened, and Container Crane commisioned.Mar24
1977Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Conservation Study issued by State planning Authority.By Elizabeth Vines
1977Port AdelaideSteam Tug Yelta Purchased by the National Trust,
1977Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Redevelopment Scheme allocated $1.3 M.
1977SemaphoreSemaphore Cinema opened in the upstairs portion of the former Ozone Theatre on 26 December. (Closed 1985),
1978SemaphoreCentenary of the Semaphore Train ServiceJan7
1978SemaphoreTrain service from Glanville to Semaphore ceased 28 October and was replaced by a feeder bus to Glanville on the 29th.Oct28Railway line removed in 1981 after a protracted campaign to retain it.
1978North HavenShopping Centre opened on Osborne Road North Haven
1978Port AdelaideMarine & Harbors Department moved from Port Adelaide.
1978SemaphoreSemaphore Public Library opened 19 August in the former Central Provision Stores (CPS) building at 34 Semaphore Road.Moved to ground floor of former Ozone Theatre in 1994.
1979Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Library Established in Institute building at 135 St Vincent Street.Jan8Port Adelaide Institute Dissolved
1979OsborneThe dredge HC Meyer capsizes in the Port RiverOct2
1979North HavenNorth Haven Trust established to promote and undertake development around the North Haven Harbour.
1979North HavenNorth Haven Shopping Centre opened.
1979Port AdelaideColes Supermarket enlarged Quebec Mall opened Stage 1,
1979North HavenPrimary School opened.
1979PortlandCanal filling ceased section retained,
1979SemaphoreSemaphore Promotions Committee formed.
1979Largs NorthSulphuric Acid Plant closed down
1980Largs NorthWee Willie's Tavern 563 Military Road opened.Nov11
1980Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Market opened.
1980LargsLargs Bay Orphanage closed.
1980Port AdelaideRecreation Centre opened, 50 St Vincent St.,
1980Fort GlanvilleFort Glanville Historical Association formed,
1980Port AdelaideFerguson's Bond Store, Lipson Street Purchased State Planning Authority.,
1980SemaphoreSemaphore Foodland opened on Semaphore Road east of Institute Lane.,Becomes Drakes in 2019
1980SemaphoreSemaphore Progress Association formed.,
1981Port AdelaideC.B.A. Bank, Lipson Street Purchased by State Planning Authority.,Apr21
1981GlanvilleAnnie Watt Removed from Semaphore Rd Corner, by SA Film Corporation,Aug
1981Port AdelaideWeman's Buildings Lipson St Purchased by State Planning,Dec21
1981Port AdelaidePort Mall shops opened.
1981North HavenWoolworths Supermarket opened.replaced by Foodland in 1985, and Drakes in 2019.
1981North HavenNorth Haven Marina opened.
1981PortlandWalter & Morris timber mill closed,Demolished later
1981LargsLargs Bay Women's Hockey Club went into recess.
1982OsborneThe Harbourline Drive-In Theatre at Osborne, closed.May16Opened on 16/11/1958, , see image at SLSA_B 70890/35
1982BirkenheadPart of the Fletcher Slip North facing Stone wall was moved and replaced with a concrete wall. This was to allow the railway line to be moved to the southern side of what is now Semaphore road ( was Dunniker Road)Jul
1982Port AdelaideCouncil memorial, St Vin. St. To Cap. Barker SturtSep29& Col Light
1982BirkenheadFinger Jetties For Tugs Cons., Cruickshank's CnrCompleted 1983
1982Port AdelaideState Heritage Area declared, this was first in State.
1982Port AdelaideGreek Orthodox Church,
1982BirkenheadAnnie Watt to Cruikshank's, Corner
1982Port AdelaideCommunity College opened, McLaren Parade
1982LargsLargs Bay Centenary Celebrations were organised by the Rotary Club of Largs Bay Centenary Committee.
1983LargsLargs Bay Centenary Monument, UnveiledJan1
1983RosewaterNew Redhill Bridge Opened.SepGrand Junction Road straightened.
1983Fort GlanvilleVisitor Centre announced.
1983Port AdelaideS.A. Maritime Museum, the purchase of the ketch Falie, and a visitor centre for Fort Glanville announced as an Australian Bicentennial project.
1983AlbertonTrinity Uniting Church created by merging Yatala, Rosewater and Ottoway uniting churches into the Yatal Church at Alberton.
1983Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Historical Society. transfers most of Artefacts to S.A.M.M.,
1983North HavenGulf Point Marina Pty Ltd and the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia bought major portions of the North Haven Marina area.
1984Port AdelaideDale St Women's Health Centre Opened new building on the corner of Dale and Church streets.
1984Port Adelaide
Bower Roads linked to Grand Junction Road.The Bow string arch iron bridge for Grand Junction Road traffic over the Outer Harbor Railway line was replaced as part of this Project.
1984Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Primary School moves From Grand Junction Road, to co-locate with Port Adelaide High School.The Primary School closed in December 2004, nine years after the High School.
1984SemaphoreNew Post Office at 38 Semaphore Road opened 9 January.,
1984Port AdelaideSinclair street buildings constructed - Customs, K Mart Coles and Port Canal Shopping centre.
1984Port Adelaide1st Commercial Hotel refurbished.
1985PortlandPort Adelaide Reserve Extra land purchased,Mar19
1985Port AdelaideRailway Museum for Port Dock railway yard announced as an Australian Bicentennial project.
1986Port AdelaideFormer Port Adelaide Lighthouse re-erected at the end of Commercial Road, Black Diamond Square.Mar13Q. Eliz. II
1986Port AdelaideBlack Diamond Square named by H.M. Queen Elizabeth IIMar13
1986Port AdelaidePort Dock Brewery Hotel, 10 Todd StreetOct23
1986Port AdelaideThe Old Port Centre opened by John BannonNov21
1986Port AdelaideSuper Kmart openedNov22
1986AlbertonFoodland Super market unroofed, Fussell Place Alberton.Dec6Was Ozone Theatre.
1986Port AdelaideNautical Museum, taken over by Maritime Museum, in Bond Store corner Lipson and Divett Street. Opened 1986
1986SemaphoreSemaphore Road Development Committee formed.
1987Port AdelaideMV Troubridge last trip to Kangaroo Island. MV Island Seaway then operated Troubridge's route from 1987 to 1995Jun1
1987Port AdelaideJervois Bridge Keeper's Gallery, relocated Near Birkenhead Bridge.Opposite British Hotel.
1987Port AdelaideJackett Bros, Baker Street Flour Mill (later Wm. Jackett & Sons)
1987SemaphoreEJ Woodroffe’s drapery on the east corner of Semaphore Road and Jagoe Street closed 7 March after over 60 years of trading.,
1988Port AdelaidePort Dock Railway Museum, Lipson Street opened.Dec10
1988Port AdelaideLipson House Restaurant, Former Bank of Adel.DecLipson Street
1988Port AdelaideGreater Port Adelaide Heritage Study Mc Dougall & Vines,
1988SemaphoreSemaphore Fire Station closed after a new station opened at Largs North.,
1989Port AdelaideCugini's Restaurant Lipson Street, was Lipson House
1989Largs BayLargs Bay Uniting (Methodist) Church Closed.
1990Port AdelaideTroubridge, Kangaroo Island ferry sold.Jun20Sailed to Famagusta, Cyprus.
1990Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Historical Society held its last meeting (AGM) in the Port Adelaide Congregational Church Hall.Jun20
1990Port AdelaideGundi joined the Port Adelaide Historical Society. Receipt Number 520723 $6.00Jun20
1990Port AdelaideNo. 1 Shed Re-Development Announced,
1990OsborneSubmarine Corporation First Keel Laid February,
1990BirkenheadBirkenhead Uniting (Methodist) Church Closed
1991GlanvilleColonial Sugar Refinery Closed,Apr26Six months short of 100 years of production of sugar, 3/11/1891 to 26/4/1991
1991Port AdelaideQuebec Mall fountain 100 yrs Thomas Mill,Jul21John Dowis
1991Port AdelaideMcKell's Flour Mill Engineers, Timpson Street Closed.
1991BirkenheadGMH Birkenhead Demolished,
1991Port AdelaideNew Library Opened Church Street & Dale Street Corner.
1991SemaphoreUpstairs portion of former Odeon Star Theatre reopened 19 December as the Odeon Star Cinema (later expanded to ground floor).,
1992BirkenheadAnchor Presented by Keith Leleu,OctAug. '95 erect.
1992PortlandWellington St Kindergarten, Closed
1992SemaphoreSemaphore and Fort Glanville Tourist Railway; a 457mm gauge steam-powered railway, opened on the foreshore in December.
1993BirkenheadDecommisioning of HMAS EncounterMar21Naval establishmewnt on the corner of Fletcher and Semaphore Roads.
1993SemaphoreFaçade Repiars/restoration to the Semaphore Institute Building.
1993Port AdelaideSubmarines, Submarine construction began. First sub launched by Lady Phyllis Collins
1993Port AdelaideTimber Mills, Globe. Reid Bros. Barretts. Lloyds. Cowell Bros. Wadlow. Gunnersen LeMessurier.
1994BirkenheadAnchor. Pres. by Keith Leleu,JunAug. '95 erect.
1994Port AdelaideRegency Institute of TAFE, Moved to Mundy St.Aug
1994Port AdelaidePost Office moved, St Vincent St. To Old Port Canal
1994SemaphoreNew Library Established, Old Institute BuildingWas Ozone Theatre.
1994ExeterDerrick Memorial, UnveiledRod Sawford
1994SemaphoreSemaphore Mainstreet Association formed.,
1994Port AdelaideClosure of the Club House hotel.Australasian Clubhouse built circa 1870 & known as "the Sardine Tin" because of its galvanised iron construction. In 1878 the second building was erected & name changed to the Clubhouse Hotel.
1995Port AdelaideIsland Seaway was once Kangaroo Is. Ferry,Jun11Sold to Malta
1995SemaphoreLefevre Community Hospital, ClosedJul
1995Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Centre Heritage Survey, McDougall & Vines
1995Port AdelaideJervois Br. Keeper's Gallery, Inst. Engineer. Plaque
1995PortlandP. A. Girls' High School, Closed
1996Port AdelaidePort Adelaide/Enfield Councils Merge, City of Port Adelaide/EnfieldMar
1996SemaphoreTimeball Tower Renovated, Resumed OperationJul1
1996OsborneHMAS Collins, 1st Submarine CommissionedJul
1996Port AdelaideQueen Adelaide Launched, Twin HulledJul
1996PortlandMeals on wheels Kitchen, Langham PlaceAug
1996Port AdelaideMagpies Football Club, West LakesOct34th SANFL Pre
1996Port AdelaideCanary Is. Palms planted, Comm. Rd. MedianNovMain St. Prog.
1996OsborneHMAS Fancomb launched, Second SubmarineDec
1996SemaphorePalais Re-opened Restored,
1996Alberton43rd Batt. Drill Hall Demol., Cr. Sussex/ Angus
1996SemaphoreProtector Gun, Removed from f/shoreTo North Parade
1997Port AdelaideSheds Nos 2 and 3, DemolishedFeb
1997OsborneHMAS Waller Launched, Submarine Corp.Mar
1997Port AdelaideUndergrounding Powerlines, Commercial RoadAprStage 1
1997PeterheadCouncil Depot Closed, Tracey StreetJul
1997Port AdelaidePort Adelaide -Enfield Civic Centre, Opened Sir E. NealNov9
1997Port AdelaideFour PAHS Plaques, UnveiledMayor Stock
1998Port AdelaideFisherman's Memorial, North Par. DocksideApr30
1998Port AdelaideFishermen Memorial, Memorial to Fishermen
1998OsborneOsborne House changed to, Lefevre Comm. Cent.
1998OsborneOsborne B Station demolished.Work on the Osborne 'B' Power Station on the same site started in 1947 and was completed soon after. The plant was decommissioned in 1989-90, and demolished from 1998.
1999Port AdelaideWool Sale, Last conductedJul23
1999OsborneOsborne House changed to, Lefevre Comm. Cent.Aug10Mayor McCluskey
1999Port AdelaideMagpies Football Club, West LakesOct435th SANFL Pre
1999OsborneB' Power Plant, DemolishedNov
1999BirkenheadWar Memorial restored, Naval ReserveFrom Dockyard 1920s
1999Port AdelaideTour Down Under, Stage 4 Black Diamond Square.
1999Port AdelaideS.A. Troops to Boer War, Departure MemorialBlack Dia. Square.
2000SemaphoreSemaphore Park and Ethelton Schools, CombinedJan31Westport Primary
2000SemaphoreBaptist Church Sold, Sem4 RoadMar26
2000Port AdelaideDulux Paint factory, Comm. Rd/Lipson StAprDemolished
2000Port AdelaideTauondi College, Grand Junction Road opened (formerly Port Adelaide Primary School),Jun16includes new Building
2000AlbertonBaptist Church, Port Road SoldJul8
2000BirkenheadHMAS Encounter, Naval Reserve sold,Jul
2000Port AdelaideAustralian Museum of Childhood, Dale Street,SepAlan Griffiths
2000Port AdelaideMagpies Football Club, Westlakes,Oct336th SANFL Pre
2000Port AdelaideOlympic Torch Relay, Through most dist.Nov4
2000Port AdelaideUniting Church 150th Ann., Cong. Comm. Rd.Nov4
2000Port AdelaideClubhouse Hotel Saint Vincent Street demolished. (Closed 1993),Nov
2000AlbertonRailway footbridge, Repaired & Restored,
2001SemaphoreCommonwealth Bank Semaphore Road closed,Mar30
2001SemaphoreNational Australia Bank Semaphore Road closed.,Apr18
2001Port AdelaideGarden Is. Ship's Graveyard Officially opened.,Aug
2001Port AdelaideMaritime Heritage Trail. Garden Island,Aug
2001Outer HarborNo. 4 Shed demolished,
2002SemaphorePAHS Society Rooms, Ceiling collapse.JanCouncil repaired
2002EtheltonMaritime Heritage Trail, Five plaques unveiled.Sep25PAHS financed
2002OsborneLefevre Community Centre, upgrade opened by Governor Eric Neale.#VALUE!
2002Port AdelaidePort Dock Railway Museum.Comm. R/ways Pay.
Port River Expressway road bridge opened to traffic.Aug3This makes Semaphore more directly accessible to the northern suburbs.
2008ExeterLast Service at St Lukes Uniting ChurchDec7The Taperoo ladies provided the morning tea.  The majority of the St Luke’s congregation came down to us and we had a Congregation meeting on 8th February 2009 when I think we changed the name to Lefevre UC, which made it inclusive for us both.  The St Luke’s church was sold eventually to a developer for units on that property.  Rev Jenny Walker was inducted on Wednesday 14th January 2009 and was instrumental in merging the two congregations
2009ExeterSt Lukes Uniting Church, 84 Hargrave St was sold for $968,000,Sep9it was demolished at some stage and a house was constructed in 2015.
2011Port AdelaideSouth Australian Government terminates its Port Adelaide waterfront development agreement with the Newport Quays consortium. Government's Land Management Corporation struck the development agreement to remediate and transfer about 50 hectares of former industrial waterfront land to the consortium for redevelopment.
2013Port AdelaideLoop Path Completed, runs along the foreshore on the north & south side of Birkenhead Bridge.Apr1
2014Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Precinct Plan published.Jan1A long-term framework to guide and prioritise renewal activities over the next 20 years.
2014Port AdelaideCity of Adelaide Clipper Ship, arrived in Port Adelaide aboard the ship MV Palanpur and transferred to the barge Bradley, which was then moved to Dock 1 Port Adelaide.Feb3
2016Port AdelaideState Government Office announced.
21-25 Nile Street in Port Adelaide is a new six level building located in the commercial and civic heart of the Port Adelaide Waterfront Precinct.
2016Port AdelaideQuest Apartment Hotel opened, 103 rooms & 5 Storeys High,Nov24$24 million Complex
2017Port AdelaideMV Port Princess ceases Dolphin cruises in Port Adelaide.May13MV Princess sank off Port Mac Donnell on the way to new owners in Melbourne, 16th May 2017.
2017Port AdelaideA $40 million, seven-storey, independent living development is proposed for Queen’s Wharf, Port Adelaide, by Hans Ehman.More Information
2018Port AdelaidePlans for a $1.5 million revamp of the Golden Globe Hotel released by the developers for the first time.Dec18
2019Port AdelaideStage 1 of the Port Adelaide Plaza openedApr
2019Port AdelaideCity of Adelaide Clipper Ship, on the barge Bradley, was moved from Dock 1 to its new home Dock 2 Honey St, Port Adelaide.Nov29
North Haven
Semaphore & North Haven Foodland becomes Drakes
2020Port AdelaideBirkenhead Bridge Upgrade completed, Timber roadway deck replacedNov4
2020Port AdelaideDock one Redevelopment, 1st Residents move inNov30
2020Port AdelaideColac Hotel redevelopment gets underway in Port Adelaide. 14 Apartments & Hotel upgrade to be built on Southern side of the property.,Dec
2021TaperooPeninsular Hotel opens at 481 Victoria Road Taperoo.Jun2Remodelled Boathouse hotel, formerly the Osborne Hotel.
2021Port AdelaideDolphin Explorer, ceased operation in Port Adelaide.Oct6Sold and moved to Brisbane
2021Port AdelaidePort Adelaide Plaza Shopping Centre, Final Stage completeOctTotal 60 retailers and 17 dining restaurants.
2023Port AdelaideBig W and Woolworths to replace Coles & Kmart in the Port Adelaide Plaza announcedFeb29
2023Port AdelaideQuest Hotel II plan, adjacent to British Hotel AnnouncedMay7To be integrated with the British Hotel
2023SemaphoreMajor upgrade to the Federal Hotel.The Federal Hotel, a long-standing favorite on Semaphore Road since 1866, is poised for an exciting renovation. Plans submitted by Anthea Perkas and architect Tony Zappia suggest a significant upgrade to this historic establishment.,mezzanine%2C%20and%20first%20floor%20levels.