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Austbuilt Museum Donation

The following is an extract from the September, 2004 edition of the Portonian regarding the Austbuilt Museum DonationAustbuilt Museum Donation

Mr. Keith LeLeu, OAM, has made the generous offer of donating his Austbuilt Museum to the Port Adelaide Historical Society.  This wonderful collection of shipping artefacts and memorabilia has been gathered by Mr LeLeu over many years and is currently housed in his property at 95 Fletcher Road, Peterhead 5016.
This property has been improved with besser brick buildings, in good condition, that house part of the collection.  Larger artefacts are kept on the property outside the buildings.

No conditions are attached to this gift other that the Society will continue to care for and maintain the collection.  The property is zoned residential, connected to water, sewerage and electricity and classified as a museum.  The Executive Committee has agreed to accept the offer and lawyers have been consulted to arrange the transfer of the property.  On completion of all legal requirements the Society will become responsible for the collection and hopes to commence a classification and evaluation of all the materials.  Mr LeLeu has agreed to assist in these matters and remain in an advisory position.

The following is an extract from the March 2005 Portonian.

The gift of the freehold land, buildings and collection has at last fulfilled that ambition for a museum.  There was an unavoidable legal cost for the transfer, but that has been vastly reduced by the valuable advice and work of our Corporate Member, Mr Jeff Allen.  The President, Mr Doug West, has given hours of effort in making the transfer run smoothly.  There will be ongoing costs and the present Committee will be faced  with this problem.